2013 Daily25 Awards

Today marks the day of the 1st annual Daily25 awards. These awards are for the tipsters that have provided the best service and highest profit over the 2013 period. This is pretty much a bit of fun to say thanks to the people who I pay to help make me money. Throughout the year I will degrade, yell at and pretty much shit on every single tipster I follow. They all have bad weeks and I need something to write about each week, and boy does a good fight generate traffic. But at the end of the day, many of these guys do a fantastic job and deserve some credit.

This years award winner is ………… Jonno at Sportpunter.com.


Jonno with his spoils

Jonno with his spoils

We’ll that was a no brainer. Sportpunter models made $129,981 profit in 2013. My total profit in 2013 was $113,171 so all other models combined actually lost me money (bit unfair to some tipsters as they did make a profit).

The SBC does a good job with their Hall of Fame stuff, but giving Hall of Fame status to a losing service over a season seems a bit silly to me. That’s why these awards are much better and more highly sort after then any other on the internet*.

These awards have a few criteria.

  1. Service must have made a profit
  2. Whatever I say goes

The fight for the Soccer trophy for season 13/14 looks like a foregone conclusion with only one service in profit so far with only a few months left.

Meet Fluffy Nuts and Weirdo.

*may not be true

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