A 100% guaranteed bet that will give you a 14-25% ROI.

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  1. steve jones says:

    Steve, just read this “words of wisdom” post from the past. Never a truer word spoken! It’s dollars looking after themselves.. blah blah blah. Just as taking advantage of promotional bets with the Aust books (who allow me – or my partner, sister, parents…. ha ha). What’s not to like about monetising a risk free 25 bucks for a few click of the mouse? Economist say there is no such thing as money lying on the ground, as they assume someone would have already picked it up, but it’s not the case with sports betting!

  1. August 12, 2014

    […] cash advance fee on these deposits. I actually think this is a good thing as I believe that no one should ever bet with credit. This made the frequent flyer points worthless as the fee was much more then the points were worth. […]

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