A quick overview

After 10 years of betting intermittently, at the start of July 2010, I have decided to go Pro. I believe that after spending many hours and paying many tens of thousands in “Educational expenses”, I have the skills to be in the 2% of gamblers who make a profit year after year. This blog will follow all my bets with a weekly analysis. I will be betting on a few diverse sports, these include baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA & NBL), Soccer (All leagues), Tennis (ATP & WTA), AFL, NRL and NFL.

My bank size for each sport is varied, along with my kelly fractional. My initial investment was 25k, with an extra 25k backup in case of an early bad run.

My hopes are for a 100% bank increase per year, which is a 5% POT (Profit on Turnover) on turnover of $2 million (approx $6,000 bet per day). I would be happy with 3-5% POT with a higher turnover also.

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