Affiliate commissions: February 2017

Month two and a big fat $0 in commissions. Which means my players did well with their betting in February. They actually did very very well. Taking $44,820.00 from the bookies. As I was concentrating on other ventures this month, not much got done with the affiliates.

Current bookmakers

I currently only have a few affiliates on the site. Feel free to sign up to any of them if you don’t already have an account. By using my affiliates, you help this site grow and allow me to create more content.

What I did in February

I reached out to both Topbetta and Ladbrokes to see if they would like to do a one-off promotion. Topbetta did not even reply and Ladbrokes said I would have to show I could send a lot of customers before they would offer anything. They said they only offer the best sign up offers to affiliates that bring in at least 150 new customers per month. I tried to explain that if I had the best signup offer, I could potentially do that as well. The affiliate manager didn’t quite grasp the chicken and egg problem.

I installed some review software on the site, but have yet to use it.

A slow month as I was concentrating on the launch of Dailytrades and also the NRL started on Dailyprofit.

February Profits

As mentioned above, I made no profit in February. We had more users sign up to Sportmarket from this article and now 7 have created Pro accounts. None have yet to reach $10,000 turnover so I still have not made any profit from them.

I had 2 new depositing customers at Madbookie, and 1 at Topbetta. I actually think that’s pretty good based just on having banners on the site. Once I start creating content, this will improve.

I was trying to work out how many players it would take in each bookie to generate the $40,000 profit each year. I based my numbers from what is publically available from big corporate bookies. They generate about 11% ROI from their customers. On average I will receive about 20% commission. So I would need affiliated players to lose $200,000. Of course it isn’t as simple as this, as some months they will lose and some they will win, but this works in my favour as there is no negative carry over.

So I would need affiliated players to turn over about $1.82 million per year or $151,700.00 per month. The biggest assumption I have to make is how much a user will turnover each month. I would say $200 per week or $800 a month. Based off those figures, I would need 189 registered players. But off course, not all of them will continue to bet every single month. I believe I need 1,000 affiliated players across all affiliates to reach my goal.

Plans for March

I’ll create a few bookmaker reviews in March and sign up to some more affiliates. It’s amazing how quickly the year gets away from you. I really need to dedicate a few days each month to affiliates.

Total profit for 2017

MonthProfitCumulative profit

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  • steve jones

    Why do you want to make a profit from losing mug (-11% ROI) punters? Is there a conflict here, “learn my secrets” (which appears to be basically, blindly following tipsters, with no original analysis of your own, other than of course, scamming promotions) to achieve negative ROI. Yes, better affiliate commissions for you. This whole racket is kind of disgusting, but then again, compared to where I came from, (finance/credit markets), it’s positively saintly. I would have tossed it in years ago if I wasn’t one of the 1 or 2%. Pinnacle, (the only one who takes my bets) please piss off our from our shores.