Betting scams: Why you should never believe a betslip (a step by step guide to how it’s done)

Betting scams are making a fortune. From the $194 million taken by the “edge” punting club to last weeks $15-$20 million windfall from a similar scam on the Gold Coast. It seems the only people making money from betting are the bookies and these scammers. Today I tackle one of the “beginner” ways that low level scammers use to try and establish credibility. The Bet-slip image or video. This is where the scammer shows winning bets they have placed.

The video below shows a reenactment of the scam and then I show you how they do it (no photoshop required). It takes seconds to produce these fake betslips. I also show how you can help if you are sick of seeing these people take unsuspecting mugs money.

Now that you know how to create your own fake betslips, let me see your best “wins” in the comment section.

If you see any scams, head to the ACORN website and let them know about it.

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  • Darren

    Brilliant guide. Thanks so much for raising awareness of this

  • Lee

    Thanks for the run down, very interesting mate.

    Seeing this guy everywhere at the mo. Ridiculous betting record stated on his website as well. 125-3 on MLB 😀

  • Michael Timbs

    Good video. Makes me sick how many scamming pages there are who use this (90% of them run by the same guy on the Gold Coast).

  • Hi Michael, if you have details please share them with ACORN. They will be very interested.

  • Michael Timbs

    If anyone is interested the following Facebook pages are all run by the same scammer Stefan Vicelic.
    Multisports, 50k challenge, 60k challenge, Punting Prophet.

    I used to share betslips to let ppl know that if they followed my tips I was betting my own advice. Now there’s no point as it’s so easy to fake.

  • Jaroslav Svestka

    Thanks for sharing this info.

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  • Cathal Dempsey

    Im surprised this guy only been exposed now . He has been around for 2years or more. He used give out bets on korean basketball and greek division 2soccer. None them ever won surprisingly!!

  • Ryan

    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing this. I have been apart of all of these pages and I can say with 100% confidence that the Punting Prophet is the only legit one. I have been with them for around 8 months and have won quite a bit. Happy to send photos to prove it as well. I also know that Stefan does not run the Punting Prophet or Multi Sports, so Michael Timbs below is incorrect. Just saying.

  • King of Clay

    Hello, how do you make tennis betting model what is the best way to start for the newbie?