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Sporting Karma is now live

Yesterday I announced my new Start up. Today it went live. If you are an Australian and love Sport then please head to the Sporting Karma website and make a donation. Not only are you...


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Congratulations to our #TattsSportsTour winner @stevemor! He’s off to the #SuperBowl! #TattsGold — (@tatts_sports) December 5, 2014 More info on what I have won here


Racing NSW September 1 live blog.

Today is the just the start of what will be a massive change in the Australian wagering landscape. From today (September 1st), all bookmakers need to accept bets on all NSW races from everyone. This...


Joining the Friendly Tipster League

I’m now a fully paid entrant in the Friendly Tipster League (FTL) run by Cassini over at the Green All Over blog. I’ve paid my £52.50 and I’ll be on the list as the aptly named...


TAB’s 50% boost on 1st goalscorers is a joke

Every second commercial I see when watching the world cup is one from TAB telling me about their awesome offer where they have boosted the prices of their 1st goal scorer bets for all Australian...


Should bookmakers do more to help problem gamblers?

I just saw the following tweet in my twitter feed and almost spat out my cup of tea. Talk about hypocrisy. As part of responsible gambling awareness week, I saw a lot of the bookmakers...


Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Today is the start of a week long campaign from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to help “raise awareness of the importance of gambling responsibly.” This site and my success promote the idea that it...