Dailyprofit NFL season 2016/17

In two days the NFL season starts again and the Dailyprofit service will be looking to make it our 3rd winning NFL year in a row. We will be advising bets on both the Line and Totals of each game.

Unlike other tipsters who bombard you with emails and posts, this is the one and only call to join for the season. By now you know that Dailyprofit runs the best service in Australia and our official odds recording is second to none. We send tips when markets are fully formed and all members can get a decent bet on. It makes life easy when we have the worlds best sports modeller providing our selections.

The cost per month is $98 and that also includes access to all other Sportpunter services, so you will also be getting the plays for the end of the AFL and NRL season as well as all NBA plays when that season starts. For an extra dollar you can join the VIP service which gives you access to the Value and Risk free service, which continues to grow in popularity.

To join, just head to Dailyprofit.com.au

NFL Results

Over the past two season we have placed 440 bets and turned over $70,000 (700 units). Our profit has been $3,869.72 (38.6972 units) at 5.53% ROI.

  • Line betting has produced¬†$37,850 worth of bets for $3,471.40 profit at 9.2%
  • Totals betting has produced¬†$32,150 worth of bets for $398.32 profit at 1.2%

We only release selections when markets are mature and only record the best odds from Pinnacle or 5Dimes at time of release. 95% of recorded odds are at Pinnacle. By having Australian and other books available you will match or beat the official odds on a regular basis.


The graph above shows the last two seasons results. We flat bet in season 1 and moved to variable staking in season 2. Season 2 was very volatile but thanks to a strong end to the season we made a very healthy profit. We are including new filters this season to hopefully decrease that volatility.

How we are betting this year

Jonno from Sportpunter has done his analysis for the upcoming season and we will be following his recommendations. Which are

  • Line betting from week 1, min overlay of 25%
  • Totals betting from week 4, min overlay of 12.5%

But you don’t need to worry about any of this, we do it all for you and just present exactly how much of your bank to bet on each selection. See example below.



Betting is a risk and past results are no indication of future gains. 440 bets is a relatively small sample size and variance will always play a role over any one season.

But if you are serious about giving yourself the best possible chance of making a long term profit, Dailyprofit.com.au is your best bet.

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