Dailyprofit Value service going bananas

I rarely push the Dailyprofit Value & Risk Free service on the blog, as most of the signups we get are through word of mouth. Someone joins, see’s how freakin awesome it is and tells their friends about it. But now is a perfect time to let you know about it as over the next few weeks the bookies are going crazy with bonuses. You can read a full review of the 1st year of the service here. This part of the service is run by Josh, he is an absolute superstar. He knows just how to play bonuses off each other to gain the most profit for the smallest amount of risk. The Dailyprofit service is really based off the great work of Josh and the maths brain of Jonno (Sportpunter), all I do is the back-end stuff and try and help members with any betting questions they have. I’ll hand it over to Josh to let you know how members did last week. Note that the service is only for Australian and NZ readers.

Spring is in the air and the sun is starting to shine (in Country Victoria anyway). This signals not only AFL and NRL finals footy, it see’s the NFL season kick off and Spring Racing ramp up.

While it is a sports observers paradise, it also presents a huge amount of potential profit to be made through bookies ever generous promotions. They all want you betting with them as opposed to the other bookies who are just an additional click away and are willing to entice you in anyway possible to do this.

These offers are a great incentive for any punter out there giving that little extra edge however; play them correctly and you’ll have more than just a little edge. You may wish to simply back yourself in to correctly bet the winners of each match and use the offers as a security however; lets face it, the average punter doesn’t profit doing this long term.

Daily Profit ‘Value’ members were blessed with profits over the past 4 days by extracting the most value possible from all of these golden opportunities.

AFL & NRL finals present us with high pressure, tightly fought out games more often than not, which is what we saw throughout the weekend. When bookies are offering bonuses if your team leads at any break, leads anytime in the second half or scores x amount of points and lose, you are bound to see a few bonuses if your teams lose.

A quick review of just a handful of the weekend highlights are below which led to members making in excess of $350 profit plus an additional $780 worth of free bet refunds – most with very minimal to no risk at all.

The offering of $2.50 from one bookie on all AFL & NRL favorites enabled members to place a range of bets on each match with very little ‘risk’ of losing anything at all while creating an opportunity to trigger some bonus refunds from the variety of offers around the place.

We all dream of certain scenarios which may play out in a sporting event which would see us maximise profit but rarely do they play out in that fashion. Friday night presented members with a rare occurrence when the stars aligned so to speak. The likelihood of Sydney Roosters leading at half time, scoring the last try of the match and still losing the match by 6 or less were slim indeed but that’s exactly what happened when Storm knocked off the minor premiers resulting in all but $20 wagered on the Roosters being given back in the form of cash or bonus bets while all Storm bets cashed for a big profit. A great start to the weekend!

The weekends AFL matches saw three of the four matches tightly contested, with even Hawthorn leading at quarter time before betting smashed by the in form West Coast. The tight games and high scoring nature of two of those meant a variety of bonuses for members. When matches change leads multiple times, which is often the case in finals football, our members are on the end of some nice profit. Value members saw profits from three of four AFL matches over the weekend.

The remaining NRL matches saw two relatively one sided matches with sides leading from start to finish however; members still managed to pinch a couple of nice bonuses to round out a sensational weekend of profits for our members.

Our Value members are all at different stages of their punting in terms of experience and betting bank’s and while profit is what people look at; it’s a pleasure to assist members with enhancing there overall betting knowledge and providing them a bank to move onto bigger and better things in the future.

With three more weeks of footy finals left, NFL commencing and the Spring Racing kicking up a gear, it’s an exciting time to be involved at Daily Profit.

Join the Dailyprofit Value service now for just $37 a month and start taking the bookies for all they have.


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