Dec 21st – Dec 27th -$907.49

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Another losing week. That makes it three straight weeks since hitting the $50,000 mark. This weeks loss can be put down to the two big American sports. NBA started 2 days ago and is already $2,345 in the red and NFL continues its pathetic season ending form losing another $2,732. I wouldn’t be so angry if I had started at the beginning of the season as I would still be in profit, but i started mid season and the slump started just 2 weeks after I begun, my timing always seems so bad. So a $5,000 loss between those two sports.

NHL only had a few bets for a small win, The same with the NBL. My first profitable week in Soccer since I started with $900 profit. The New horse model again added a nice chunk of change and we finally hit a Quaddie with the Oz racing for a profit. Still tossing up whether or not to cut my losses and stop following this one. I think I owe it at least 1 more month.

10,000 bets have now been placed according to my records. It is more like 15,000 as I only count each nights horse racing as 1 bet. Still feel like this whole thing is still in limbo. With Tennis and a few other sports starting up again, the amount I bet weekly is going to increase and it’s likely the swings will be as big as last year, with some 10 and even 20k losses in a week. So get ready for more tears and tantrums followed by euphoria and happiness followed by who knows what. It really is going to be an interesting year.
Total loss for the week was $907.49

NHL – Totals $227,273.00 $331.93 0.1%
week profit/loss: 410.94

NBL $37,449.00 $(4,167.99) -11.1%
week profit/loss: 34.56

1 NBL Totals $43,097.00 $3,574.60 8.3%
week profit/loss 618.91

NBA Totals $131,653.00 $2,856.02 2.2%
week profit/loss -1535.64

NBA H2H $3,408.00 $(810.19) -23.8%
week profit/loss -810.19

NFL $34,124.00 $(4,570.15) -13.4%
week profit/loss: -2538.72

NFL Line $9,247.00 $(1,117.23) -12.1%
week profit/loss: -193.85

FB Elite $23,150.00 $(2,140.85) -9.2%
week profit/loss: 95

Skeeve $22,439.00 $(1,117.04) -5.0%
week profit/loss: 0

New Horse $52,450.68 $19,195.98 36.6%
week profit/loss: 1890.50

Football Investor $22,195.00 $(4,714.00) -21.2%
week profit/loss: -998

Strikezone $40,725.00 $(2,318.60) -5.7%
week profit/loss: 1812

Oz horses $21,594.50 $(3,239.47) -15.0%
week profit/loss: 861

Total bet amount: $4,153,274.94
Profit/Loss: $45,003.19
POT: 1.1%

Bets Placed: 10,012
Won: 4,088
Lost: 5,581
Half Payout: 4
Refunded: 339
Winning %: 42.3%

Profit per day: 45,003.19 / 545 = $82.57

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