Former Odds Compiler Series Part 2: Profiling and Tipsters

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  • steve jones

    Another good one Matt! A few months ago the Will Hill stable started doing differential pricing on me. i.e. when I log in, prices drop 6%. My question is, if they have flagged me as sharp, why do they think I’ll want 1.85 lines? Why not just ban be like all the others?

  • steve jones

    No more moaning from me. I just realised that I’m glad I’m banned from all the Aust Books. When I take their money I’m really taking it from the poor mug with a betting problem…. it stinks. At least with Pinnacle, its from sharps ….therefore money somewhat less putrid….

  • Matthew Trenhaile

    This is a good question Steve. I can only assume that either they want to be able to take some sort “we don’t close accounts” type stance and this is a miserable way of going about it. Alternatively they genuinely think that they can convert bad business for them in to playing at lines that are good business for them which does not show much respect for the educated punter. It would make me laugh if you bet a few of those lines and they then gave you the better prices again because they thought if you were happy to bet the worse lines you must be a mug! My best guess is that bookmaker software has only recently developed this functionality with any seriousness (has been around a while though) to combat the enforced payout limit on NSW racing. This is not a solution I would have gone with if indeed it needed a “solution” at all but when they get a new toy they cant help themselves and will start using it regardless.

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  • G-Unit

    Where is the next article?