IGA Review and Sports Betting Research

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t forget to put in a submission to the Department of Social Services about the IGA review. It only takes a few minutes and I know they are reading every single submission and taking them all seriously. So if you want anything to be addressed in the upcoming legislation, make sure you submit something. My submission will be concentrating on minimum bet laws, but you might have another aspect you would like tackled, such as credit betting, in-play betting, bonus inducements or anything else you feel needs to change.

Just follow this link to make your submission. You have until Sunday to submit your thoughts.

I was contacted by Emily Deans who is currently working on her Phd at Deakin University and currently conducting some research about young men’s attitudes towards sports betting marketing, and their gambling behaviours. She is looking to recruit Australian men aged between 18-35, who frequently gamble on sporting codes like the AFL and NRL, to participate in a 30-40 minute phone interview with the research team. You will be asked about your gambling behaviours and your opinions regarding sports betting marketing. You will also receive a $30 iTunes voucher as reimbursement for your time.

If you would like to be part of the research just email Emily (edeans@deakin.edu.au)

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