Jan 25th – Jan 31st +$10,122.24

The first of hopefully many +$10,000 weeks for 2012. Most models performed great, with the exception of NBA totals. This model has picked the Over line about 90% this season and it seems to me that there must be something wrong with the calculations. Apart from that taking $5,100 profit from me, I still managed to hit $10k profit for the week.

NBA Totals this year is in big time negative territory. Over $9,000 lost. This week it felt like every game went well under and I wasn’t even close to winning one of these bets. The H2H on the other hand is kicking arse. Making $3k this week to cover some of the Totals losses.

OK, onto the good news. The Aussie open has finished and compared to last years -$15k result, it has been a great start to the season. We are just shy of $4k profit for the year. NHL totals continued its winning run from last week and the NBL had a winning week in both H2H and Totals.

After a few hopeful weeks, Soccer is back to its old ways. Another losing week, but not as big as past weeks.

My UK horse racing service performed brilliantly once again this week, $7,600 profit. This really has been an awesome find for me and I will look to up stakes when it reaches $30k profit. I have tried many services looking for that one that would give me some profit, I’ve lost tens of thousands testing many of them and now it looks like I may have finally found the one that will turn a healthy profit. My Oz Horses tips also made a profit which means at least another month of following his tips. -$5,000 is still the cut off for this service.

All up a fantastic week and the highest I have ever been in profit. With another good week we will see the profit breaking the $60,000 mark for the first time and then hopefully onto $150k by the end of the year.

Total profit for the week was $10,122.24

Tennis – ATP $617,635.13 $31,893.12 5.2%
week profit/loss: 2566

WTA – Tennis $597,968.00 $12,880.67 2.2%
week profit/loss: 763.13

NHL – Totals $243,080.00 $(2,566.21) -1.1%
week profit/loss: 472.64

NBL $45,221.00 $(8,223.83) -18.2%
week profit/loss: 249.60

1 NBL Totals $48,023.00 $6,596.63 13.7%
week profit/loss 809.95

NBA Totals $211,062.00 $(4,620.96) -2.2%
week profit/loss -5187.84

3 NBA H2H $32,244.00 $3,713.50 11.5%
week profit/loss 3003.26

NFL $42,172.00 $(6,327.08) -15.0%
week profit/loss: 0

NFL Line $14,452.00 $(275.57) -1.9%
week profit/loss: 0

FB Elite $28,650.00 $(1,823.35) -6.4%
week profit/loss: 1315

Skeeve $30,189.00 $367.96 1.2%
week profit/loss: -770

New Horses $77,460.68 $26,793.98 34.6%
week profit/loss: 7615

Football Investor $31,795.00 $(3,024.20) -9.5%
week profit/loss: -880

Strikezone $53,925.00 $501.00 0.9%
week profit/loss: -480

Oz horses $32,674.50 $(2,841.72) -8.7%
week profit/loss: 645.50

Total bet amount: $4,400,278.94
Profit/Loss: $56,032.53
POT: 1.3%

Bets Placed: 10,881
Won: 4,430
Lost: 6,094
Half Payout: 4
Refunded: 353
Winning %: 42.1%

Profit per day: 56,032.53 / 580 = $96.60

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