June 2013 Review +$31,499.05

The final monthly review for Year 3 and it was a good one. Coming off Mays disaster of -$48,000 it was good to gain a big chunk of that loss back. It was also helpful to end the year at a profit level that while not being fantastic, was still quite adequate.

June was a month where all 4 sports made a profit. It was a smaller turnover month, but the ROI was amazing. $312,943 was bet for a $31,499.05 profit which is a ROI of 10.07%. You will never hear me complain about even half that ROI.

The two lesser contributors were NRL with a $514 profit over $13,000 bet for a 4% ROI and the Baseball model, which combined made just $2,441.12 after total bets of $149,658. A 1.6% ROI. H2H continued its fantastic year with $4,806 profit at 7.6% but Totals also continued its pathetic run down a further $2,364.88 at a negative 2.7% ROI.

The big contributors were AFL and Tennis. Tennis continued a great season with $15,511.18 profit. Total bet was $75,220 for an amazing 20.6% ROI. AFL had a similar turnover with $75,065 bet for $13,032.50 profit, a very healthy 17.4% ROI. The standout was the H2H betting with a ROI of 53.2%, I am thinking of decreasing the Kelly percentage on the H2H as they have gone amazing, but the moving bank is also helping. Line betting wasn’t too shabby either with 11.6% ROI and $7,465.70 profit.

A happy ending for year 3. Hoping for a similar result to start year 4

ATP – SP $75,220.00 $15,511.18 20.6%
AFL H2H – SP $10,470.00 $5,566.80 53.2%
AFL Line – SP $64,595.00 $7,465.70 11.6%
OTP NRL $13,000.00 $514.25 4.0%
MLB H2H $63,295.00 $4,806.00 7.6%
MLB Totals $86,363.00 $(2,364.88) -2.7%

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