Just one of the many reasons you aren’t making any money from your punting

Let’s say I gave you two simple choices. Get paid $25 per hour or $40 per hour. This seems like a no brainer right? The $40 would win every time.

But the sad fact of the matter is that most punters are given this option and choose the $25. They do not see betting as a job or investment and this costs them dearly.

They head to their day job and work hard for am employee and are paid about $25 per hour on average. But then they come home and follow a tipster haphazardly, they place bets whenever it suits them, they don’t look around for the best prices and never record the bets they placed. If only they treated their punting half as well as they treat their day job.

Let’s look at some numbers. I bet on a heap of different models and each day I spend no more than an hour and a half placing these bets. Over a year that’s 547 hours worked. At a typical job earning $25 I would make $13,675 for the year, so far this year I have made just over $130,000. If I ended the year at that figure I would have earned $237 per hour, almost 10 times as much as a typical job. The only downside is I can’t work extra hours for even more pay, but that’s what makes this such a great second income.

I’m a rare case, I bet a little more than the average person. Let’s take a regular Joe who can set aside $250 per week and therefore has a bank of $13,000. He finds one or two good tipsters and on average takes 30 minutes a day to place bets. That’s 182 hours’ worth of betting per year. A very conservative estimate of profit from following some good tipsters would be a return on capital of 55%, so over a year he would have made $7,000 profit. That equates to $38 per hour for some very easy work.

If you start thinking of your punting as an investment and spend the time then you will earn more per hour then most jobs.

If I asked you to place my bets and I would pay you $38 per hour you would think that was a dream job.

Take your betting seriously and you’ll start to earn some serious money.

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