Mar 11th – Mar 17th -$22,573.46

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  • Radimson

    Oh man you wouldn’t want to see my graph for the last 3 months. And yes I joined Dailyprofit 3 months ago. But it is not only Dailyprofit. All services I follow are having a bad run since the new year. Every day for the last month I am thinking it cannot get any worse a guess what. Yes it can. 🙂

  • This is easily the worst run I have even had in my 5 years of betting. I’m thinking opposite you, I keep thinking this is it and it will never get better. haha.

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  • Kizo

    Man, same here. Just incredible the manner I keep losing, never more than two points on basketball, more often by half a point, goals in last seconds, red cards in 5th minute on soccer. Incredible. But it’s not the first time and as much as it is difficult to bear, it passes.