Mar 18th – Mar 24th -$13,367.61

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he carnage continues, and reading comments on twitter, it seems I am not the only one in this situation. The past 5 weeks results have been -$7,881.20, -$10,835.50, -$22,076.82, -$22,573.46, and this weeks $13,367.61 loss brings the total loss over the past 5 weeks to a massive $76,734.59. I’m not sure if its correlated, but this period has also coincided with me feeling very very ill. I almost couldn’t get out of bed today to write the weekly summary. In the doom and gloom there are a few glimmers of hope and I will talk about them below. But for the most part, this period has sucked the joy out of me. It is by far the most common question I get from readers, “How do you deal with losing runs”. I believe now is the perfect time to talk about that while I am in the depths of the largest losing run in the history of my 5 year betting journey. The articles over the next few weeks will all be about the one aspect of betting most people can not deal with. I’ll explain what I do and hopefully there might be one or two things that you can use when (not if) you experience your next draw down. For today though, I will just have a quick wrap of the weekly results and get back to bed.

Really not the worst week and if this result happened in a normal cycle it would be no bother at all, but when you are losing every single week, you just want one to stop the rot. Sportpunter had its upsides and downsides this week. We had the final round of warm up games for the AFL and we had a very nice $9,400 win. I’m hoping the player based model fixed all its kinks from the early games and now has a good handle on the teams for the first round next week. Will it be a savior again this season? I really hope so. The two other footy codes were steady this week with the Super 15 producing $900 profit and the NRL $1,900 profit. I’ve seen bad NHL runs before, but nothing like this. From +$35,000 only a few months ago to being only $3,000 in profit now. The way things are going, this model will end the season well down. It can not hit a win and lost $11,150 this week.

ClubGowi made $2,600, and by backing against some games I made a further $1,900. Football Elite is another model that has echoed the NHL one, at one stage it was knocking on the $20,000 profit door and is now sitting on a loss after another $3,250 was lost this weekend. Football Value made $750 and TFA lost a jaw dropping $15,850 this weekend and it really is boom or bust for this model each week. Winabobatoo made $1,300 but that was pure luck as 80% of the bets were never near advised odds and luckily the 20% of bets I could get on won. If you look at the refunded line in my stats below you will see 1564, those are 90% due to the way Winabobatoo records odds (best UK book at time of release). Football Investor had a self imposed weekend off as he too tries to get healthy and my own Personal bets lost a further $2,000.

It gets harder and harder to bother with betting when you seem to be throwing money away every day. If I take a step back and look at it not from the $100,000 draw down, but simply that I am down $14,000 over the past 9 months it does not seem so bad, but sadly it is very hard for our brains to accept that view. I’m nowhere near losing my betting bank (yet), which is a good thing, but if this was my sole source of income each year, I’m not sure how I would cope. We head into day 1729 of this crazy experiment and in the next two weeks I will have bet over $20 million bucks on people playing games. Not the worst hobby to have.

Total LossĀ for the week was $13,367.61

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Stats Year 5
Total bet amount: $5,448,546.93
Profit/Loss: -$14,047.12
POT: -0.26%
Bets Placed: 7846
Won: 2568
Lost: 3659
Half Payout: 55
Refunded: 1564
Winning %: 41.2%
Total profit per day: $333,477.72/ 1728 = $192.98
Total Turnover: $19,791,290.30
Total ROI: 1.68%

AFL Line – SP $281,976.00 $(33,149.87) -11.8%
week profit/loss: 9384.50

NHL Totals $422,586.00 $3,048.27 0.7%
week profit/loss: -11143.60

Rugby SP $33,920.00 $1,105.94 3.3%
week profit/loss: 927

NRL SP $51,354.00 $(842.73) -1.6%
week profit/loss: 1938.77

ClubGowi $578,388.00 $6,358.24 1.1%
week profit/loss: 2618.73

GOWI $18,526.00 $1,691.03 9.1%
week profit/loss: 0

Jason Kelly Golf $11,616.93 $(9,368.53) -80.6%
week profit/loss: 0

Betswot $9,573.00 $(7,818.00) -81.7%
week profit/loss: 0

FB Elite $207,011.00 $(393.62) -0.2%
week profit/loss: -3240

Football Value $54,000.00 $(5,215.00) -9.7%
week profit/loss: 750

TFA 21 $329,284.00 $2,659.90 0.8%
week profit/loss: -6023.50

TFA 41 $319,376.00 $(5,507.00) -1.7%
week profit/loss: -3855

6-21-31 $184,357.00 $10,893.22 5.9%
week profit/loss: -2370.50

D1-D6 $114,700.00 $510.00 0.4%
week profit/loss: -3500

E1-E6 $108,040.00 $26,797.40 24.8%
week profit/loss: -105

Mike Lindley $78,264.00 $(5,219.00) -6.7%
week profit/loss: 400

WINABOBATOO $311,055.00 $(3,384.38) -1.1%
week profit/loss: 893.50

FBI combo $130,500.00 $10,514.00 8.1%
week profit/loss: 0

FBI Euro $175,642.00 $12,972.00 7.4%
week profit/loss: 0

Odds pushed out $41,250.00 $8,545.00 20.7%
week profit/loss: 1927

Personal $50,496.00 $(8,503.59) -16.8%
week profit/loss: -1969.51

Mistakes $13,735.00 $(13,735.00) -100.0%
week profit/loss: 0

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