Mar 5th – Mar 11th +$1,914.63

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  • Mark Maleny

    Just wondering how you won on the NRL? The big line bets were Canterbury, Newcastle, Cowboys all losers, and H2H Canterbury and Newcastle both losers. Some small winners but not enough to cover the losses.

  • Hi Mark, I’m betting H2H only. H2H has been the only positive model.

    The bets were on









  • Mark Maleny

    Thanks, I see where I went wrong, I used the old ratings not the player based ones. doh!

  • Ouch, at least you figured it out early. Hopefully this new player based model is close to the AFL one

  • Vidar

    Steve, when mentioning the player based model for AFL: I see that you follow H2H- and Line-model for the AFL, but is it the player based model or the “regular” model?

  • Hey Vidar, I use the player based model.

  • Stewboss

    “The longer this goes on, the more I seriously entertain the thought of solely following Sportpunter, sadly, these other tipsters just haven’t produced the results they have historically.”

    Present company excepted of course!

  • I need to update the blog post, I didn’t mean to stick you in with all the other misfits 🙂