March 2016 Monthly Review +$24,780.00

March started with an almighty bang in it’s first week and then slowly gave most of it back over the next 3 weeks. I still ended at a pretty decent profit, but dreams of a $100,000 profit month were circulating early on. Months like this are much easier to deal with. It’s always easier to give back some profits then to claw back the losses.

In March, I bet a total of $552,020.00 ($95,160 more then in Feb) and made a profit of $24,780.00 which is a 4.49% ROI. I hit a high of $63,150.00 on the 6th of March before dropping down to a low of $19,240.00 on the 28th of March. 428 bets were placed and I won 171, lost 231 and 26 were refunded.



The initial spike was thanks to the midweek soccer where among other winners, I had $500 on Mainz to beat Bayern Munich at odds of $25.34. A 86th minute goal ended Bayern’s unbeaten home record and added $12,170.00 profit to my bottom line. A $2,000 bet on Colchester over Bradford at odds of $6.00 also added an extra $10,000.

Sportpunter Services

All Sportpunter services combined did very well in March, In total I bet $280,490.00 on Sportpunter selections and made a profit of $22,900.00. That’s a 8.16% ROI.

The AFL season has not started well. In March all 4 H2H bets lost (-$5,820) and the Line bets hit 6 from 14 for a $8,090 loss. We also saw off the NBL season with the finals and a nice profit. $7,270 profit in the 3 game finals series. All other Sportpunter models had winning months. The NBA made $13,440, the NHL also made over 5 figures ($11,530). The Super Rugby made $1,970 and the NRL made $4,400. I backed the wrong side in an NBA game and that bet lost $1,800.

A welcome return to profit for the SP models. I just hope the AFL model starts to perform to it’s potential, as that is where most of my profits will come from.


Soccer Services

This month saw the Soccer models start with those early big winners and then give it all back over the rest of the month. It ended the month with just $1,880 profit. I ended up betting $271,530 on the Soccer models and the $1,880 profit meant a 0.7% ROI. The combo system lost $6,900 and the Draw system lost $780. It was thanks to that big Mainz win that the Euro system returned $9,560.


So a quarter of 2016 is in the books and the first 3 months of the year have generated $18,360.00 profit at 1.11% ROI. A little on the lower end of the expected return, but nothing out of the ordinary. With just 3 months left in my 6th year of betting, it’s anyone guess where the profit or loss will end up. I’m hoping to keep my 5 year run of never making a loss going, but it’s really a 50/50 chance from my current position. April will see the Soccer season winding down and a much higher reliance on the AFL model. Hopefully the best model ever can live up to it’s past performance.

April also will bring Horse racing to my portfolio. I have tested out services in the past and Dailyprofit now has Andrew from AC Markets on board. So I am following both the Sydney and Melbourne service with a $20,000 bank. You can learn more about the service here.

Total profit for the month was $24,780.00

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Stats Year 6
Total bet amount: $5,181,860.00
Profit/Loss: $13,610.00
POT: 0.26%
Bets Placed: 4086
Won: 1537
Lost: 2131
Half Payout: 24
Refunded: 394
Winning %: 41.9%
Total profit per day: $399,670.00 / 2101 = $190.22
Total Turnover: $27,067,890.00
Total ROI: 1.48%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIMonthly P/L
AFL H2H$88,300.00$(10,010.00)
AFL Line$325,890.00$6,950.00
NBL Totals$156,820.00$(20,430.00)-13.0%-$1,510.00
NBL Line$200,790.00$1,630.000.8%$8,780.00
NBA Totals$538,800.00$22,880.004.2%$13,440.00
NBA H2H$125,930.00$3,510.002.8%$0.00
NFL Totals$396,750.00$2,490.000.6%$0.00
NFL Line$338,230.00$42,640.0012.6%$0.00
NHL Totals$385,940.00$5,810.111.5%$11,530.00
Super Rugby$18,740.00$(230.00)-1.2%$1,970.00
MLB Totals$501,700.00$(22,410.00)-4.5%0.00
Odds Pushed Out$21,500.00$40.00
J. Kelly$7,050.00$(3,810.00)-54.0%0.00
Soccer Combo$1,332,480.00$10,810.000.8%-$6,900.00

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  • Michael

    Hi Steve,
    May i ask you which Betting Bank in total you have? I sae that you place bets between 500 – 2000 Dollars but how big is your total betting Bank for year 2016?
    King regards

  • I have different bank sizes for each different model. I’ve found that a 150-200k bank covers all bets and gives me enough peace of mind when going through a bad run. I started with a 25k bank and 25k as a backup, I was betting way too much compared to my bank size early on.
    My bets now range from $100-$15,000, but the average is about $1,300 according to my spreadsheet.

  • Michael

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your answer!
    Ok so your average bet size of 1300 goes confirm to the typical bankroll managment. 1300 Depend on a 150-200k Total Betting Bank means around 1% in average for each bet which is very save i would say 🙂
    But is maximum bet of 15k not a bit too much? That means 10% of your total betting bank…you not afraid that this is too high?
    I always read that maximum bet should be not more as 2% of total betting bank…do you not agree with this?
    Thanks in advanve and King Regards,

  • 2% rule is a fairly good rule. But those 15k bets are on the NFL and AFL models, which I stake much higher and have a bigger bank then other bets. Those bets are about 7% bank size bets, my risk tolerance is much higher then most AND (and this is critical) I can deal with losing runs.