May 4th – May 10th -$10,677.05

I don’t even have to review my results to know that I’ve lost a fair bit this week. The culprit was off course the one model I said last week I had utter faith in. I kept my kelly stake at 1/10th for H2H but upped it to 1/6th for Line betting. I will be moving H2H to 1/14th from here on in and keeping the line at 1/6th. It was a terrible week for both H2H and line betting and another 0.5 loss on a massive totals bet. One day they might turn around and go my way. A loss of around $9,000 this week.

MLB recorded a small profit. Still a great sport as bets literally take 5 minutes to place daily. Tennis changed again and had a shocking week, especially in the WTA with many short priced favs losing badly. A $4,400 loss for the week. NRL lost once again. But I’m now betting very small stakes so should not have too much of an impact on my totals. FB Elite had a win and loss this week for a tiny loss. Golf again didn’t produce any winners and although the results look terrible, I need to factor in the $6,500 I should of won last week. This would bring the model to around evens. Formbet had back to back good weeks and produced over $3,400 profit.

At one stage just before the weekend the total profit was at $43,000 and I thought just maybe with a good AFL week I would hit $50,000, but there is no place for dreaming, whatever will be will be, and it is merely a number with very little importance, the only numbers with importance in my books are negative ones.

Total loss for the week was $10,677.05

Baseball $275,436.01 $13,434.80 4.9%
Week profit/loss: 638.77

Baseball Line $335,063.00 $28,876.64 8.6%
Week profit/loss: -379.91

AFL $43,327.00 $(1,051.99) -2.4%
Week profit/loss: -3446.40

AFL line $71,857.00 $8,952.30 12.5%
Week profit/loss: -5627.83

AFL Totals $45,236.00 $2,644.00 5.8%
Week profit/loss: 227

Tennis – ATP $255,368.00 $5,364.55 2.1%
Week profit/loss: -944.26

WTA – Tennis $234,853.00 $(3,719.78) -1.6%
Week profit/loss: -3378.52

NRL $17,940.00 $(6,310.27) -35.2%
Week profit/loss: -276.5

Golf $12,777.00 $(6,885.25) -53.9%
Week profit/loss: -900

FB Elite $6,650.00 $(479.35) -7.2%
Week profit/loss: -11.40

Formbet $44,154.00 $1,060.00 2.4%
Week profit/loss: 3422

Total bet amount: $2,483,829.37
Profit/Loss: $25,804.60
POT: 1.0%

Bets Placed: 6,398
Won: 2,553
Lost: 3,611
Half Payout: 3
Refunded: 231
Winning %: 41.4%

Profit per day: 25,804.60 / 314= $82.18

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