May 6th – May 12th +$4,402.65

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]oohooo, a winning week. How I have missed you. Your warm caress as you whisper into my ear that everything is going to be alright. haha, ok maybe I went a little overboard with my mills and boon writing there, but after my worst losing run it feels good to show a positive result. Once again on Sunday morning it was looking like another big losing week but thankfully West Coast won at big odds and then MLB had a good day to bring me into profit for the week. The last fortnight has been a welcome relief from the constant losses, now for that hugely profitable week to get me back into the game. We are moving to relying more and more on the Sportpunter models as the Soccer season comes to an end.

This week we had the good, the bad, and the ugly with the Sportpunter service. Thanks to the above mentioned West coast win, I made an overall profit of $3,900 on the AFL, the Rugby and NRL also produced $2,000 and $1,200 profit respectively. The enhanced baseball model seemed to have worked with $7,850 profit but the NHL end of season has been a total train wreck and lost $8,050 this week. All up a $6,900 profit. I long for those weeks where every SP model performs and I can easily make a $30,000 profit from them.

ClubGowi lost $2,500 and had another second in the golf. Jason Kelly lost $725.

As the football season winds down, most tipsters reduce stakes or end their service. Turnover is a lot lower in these final weeks and I’ve also come to realise that the workload is very high during the season. I can’t wait for the season to be over and regain my weekends. This week Football Elite lost $500, Football Value lost $1,000, Winabob lost $1,000, TFA made $3,450 and Football Investor lost $250. It’s hard to find many positives from this season, but the TFA Euro selections performed really well, but so did many of his other systems last season that were complete shockers this season. With over 52 different systems, there will always be some doing exceptionally well, I’m just grateful I got lucky and had followed this one. But I’m working on a hypothesis that Soccer tipsters seem to be very similar to managed funds, over any given year a few will beat the average, and even over 3-5 year time frames they will do better than the average, but long term none beat the average (the average being a 2% loss for Soccer betting). I’ll have some thoughts on this in a post after the season ends.

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts apart from the weekly updates, that is completely intentional. Lately I have taken on way too much work and decided to give myself a holiday from all work (apart from the bare necessities). Just like the summer of George (Seinfeld reference for those younguns), I’m have a winter of Steve. I’m taking 3 months off from any projects and commitments I had. Taking a step back usually recharges me and weirdly enough, I get more done when I’ve told myself I will do nothing at all. I’m forcing myself for this 1st month not to do anything and it’s difficult, but from month two, if I feel like writing I will, if I feel like working on a project I will, but only if the passion is there.

So I celebrate a little this week and hope that the last 2 months of year 5 can produce some nice profits. We can only wait and see.

Total ProfitĀ for the week was $4,402.65

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Stats Year 5
Total bet amount: $6,775,320.93
Profit/Loss: -$41,382.18
POT: -0.61%
Bets Placed: 9341
Won: 2997
Lost: 4371
Half Payout: 67
Refunded: 1906
Winning %: 40.7%
Total profit per day: $306,142.66 / 1777 = $172.28
Total Turnover: $21,118,064.30
Total ROI: 1.45%

AFL H2H – SP $101,741.00 $14,594.03 14.3%
week profit/loss: 5504.60

AFL Line – SP $429,572.00 $(19,546.93) -4.6%
week profit/loss: -1618.36

NHL Totals $635,952.00 $6,921.27 1.1%
week profit/loss: -8043.72

Rugby SP $72,234.00 $574.90 0.8%
week profit/loss: 1982

NRL SP $93,592.00 $(1,024.75) -1.1%
week profit/loss: 1208.50

SP MLB $477,002.00 $14,930.18 3.1%
week profit/loss: 7869.73

ClubGowi $703,533.00 $6,447.75 0.9%
week profit/loss: -2472.50

GOWI $19,776.00 $3,322.28 16.8%
week profit/loss: 0

Jason Kelly Golf $14,616.93 $(8,383.53) -57.4%
week profit/loss: -725

Betswot $9,573.00 $(7,818.00) -81.7%
week profit/loss: 0

FB Elite $215,641.00 $236.38 0.1%
week profit/loss: -500

Football Value $63,000.00 $(7,015.00) -11.1%
week profit/loss: -1000

TFA 21 $404,717.00 $(13,786.60) -3.4%
week profit/loss: 95

TFA 41 $393,376.00 $(15,346.00) -3.9%
week profit/loss: 95

6-21-31 $224,257.00 $9,771.22 4.4%
week profit/loss: 95

D1-D6 $139,200.00 $8,070.00 5.8%
week profit/loss: 0

E1-E6 $151,040.00 $30,387.40 20.1%
week profit/loss: 3155

Mike Lindley $103,764.00 $(8,123.00) -7.8%
week profit/loss: 0

WINABOBATOO $383,555.00 $(3,262.88) -0.9%
week profit/loss: -1000

FBI combo $160,292.00 $7,813.60 4.9%
week profit/loss: -247.60

FBI Euro $221,592.00 $(10,335.30) -4.7%
week profit/loss: 0

Odds pushed out $49,750.00 $4,970.00 10.04%
week profit/loss: 5

Personal $72,573.00 $(14,007.60) -19.3%
week profit/loss: 0

Mistakes $13,735.00 $(13,735.00) -100.0%
week profit/loss: 0

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  • Stewboss

    Hi Steve, I’m guessing you didn’t get on the St. Mirren bet (or just left it alone)?

  • Hey Stew,
    From day 1 of this season I have not bet on any Scottish games, which I know has saved me a small fortune for TFA, not sure if it saved or cost me for Football Investor.