November 25th – December 1st -$19,860.00

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother shocking week, but I’m thankful it is only a $20,000 loss and not the $50,000 it looked like being. Thanks to a miracle fourth quarter, the biggest NFL bet I have ever placed managed to win. Over the last 3 weeks I have given back $60,000 and it’s actually a perfect time for me to be doing these videos as you learn very little when you are winning, all the lessons come after losses.

In this weeks video I will go over my weekly profit and losses, I’ll give my perspective on betting (The Tarzan Method) and also give you a sneak peak at my next product (Smartbet).

Video Notes:

  1. 1:54 – 4:00 – Weekly Update
  2. 4:01 – 5:35 – Smartbet Sneak Peak (join the mailing list here)
  3. 5:36 – 8:45 – Tarzen Method




We will start this weeks profit and losses with Sportpunter. The NBL Line bets made $6,550 but the totals lost $3,850. This model is about break even for the year. The NHL continues it’s slide with another $2,100 loss. NFL Totals lost $1,000 but it could have easily been a $20,000 loss. The line bets continue to shine with $5,200 profit. NBA Totals lost $1,200 and the H2H bets lost $600. All up a $3,000 profit for the Sportpunter models this week.

All the losses were thanks to the Soccer models. Eventually there was going to be a week where most of the aways lost and it happened this week. There were so many draws and 1 or 2 results going the right way would have changed this week into a break even one, but it wasn’t to be. The Soccer combo system lost $14,600 and the two TFA systems lost a combined $7,100. The steamers lost $900 and Jason Kelly was so close to going back to back but instead got a second in the golf and lost $260 this week.

Total Loss for the week was $19,860.00

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Stats Year 6
Total bet amount: $2,642,990.00
Profit/Loss: $46,840.00
POT: 1.77%
Bets Placed: 2106
Won: 766
Lost: 1027
Half Payout: 24
Refunded: 289
Winning %: 42.7%
Total profit per day: $432,900.00 / 1980 = $218.63
Total Turnover: $24,549,020.00
Total ROI: 1.76%

NBL Totals $76,990.00 $3,300.00 4.3%
week profit/loss: -3840

NBL Line $80,150.00 $(3,850.00) -4.8%
week profit/loss: 6540

NHL Totals $118,930.00 $4,530.00 3.8%
week profit/loss: -2100

NFL Totals $189,270.00 $(14,650.00) -7.7%
week profit/loss: -990

NFL Line $171,890.00 $27,470.00 16.0%
week profit/loss: 5190

NBA Totals $168,820.00 $13,200.00 7.8%
week profit/loss: -1180

NBA H2H $65,030.00 $2,940.00 4.5%
week profit/loss: -620

Soccer combo $396,880.00 $43,030.00 10.8%
week profit/loss: -14580

E1-E6 $33,500.00 $(9,770.00) -29.2%
week profit/loss: -3660

D1-D6 $36,500.00 $3,510.00 9.6%
week profit/loss: -3450

Steamers $5,000.00 $(1,560.00) -31.2%
week profit/loss: -910

Jason Kelly $6,700.00 $(3,460.00) -51.6%
week profit/loss: -260

Betswot $3,280.00 $(590.00) -18.0%
week profit/loss: 0

Odds Pushed Out $21,000.00 $(480.00) -2.3%
week profit/loss: 0

Personal $319,230.00 $(10,210.00) -3.2%
week profit/loss: 0

Mistake $2,500.00 $2,563.25 102.5%
week profit/loss: 0

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  • Tony

    So how much will Smartbet cost Steve?

  • We have no idea yet. Have not even talked about it, but with any product that offers value there will be a cost.
    It will be free for at least 1 account, but if you use a heap of bookies there will be a cost to add each one. There are other ways to monetise it, so hopefully we can keep it cheap or free for users.

  • Andrew Mckenzie

    Hey Steve, enjoying the blog mate, keep up the good work. Yes what an ironic joke TAB’s request is! Lets just hope the government have enough sense to see through all the smoke and mirror crap that has been put forward. I read on the blog here a little while ago a comment from one of your readers suggesting that if a block was put in place that (Aus) would be classified as international. I rang them a couple weeks ago and spoke to someone who was assuring me that they were Australian licensed in Norfolk and therefor would not be affected in anyway. Was wondering if you had any info or insight on whether they would be potentially affected? thanks mate.

  • From what I have heard from others, pinnaclebet are being referred to as offshore as well. It will be interesting, as if the government says books must pay tax based on turnover, then the Pinnacle model does not work here. Now if they were to say it’s based on profit, then that’s a completely different story and I would see Pinnacle (not Pinnaclebet) coming into the market.
    The Pinnaclebet model is simply an affiliate one. They just get a cut of the turnover sent through them. It will be an interesting case.

  • Flash

    And here’s me thinking the ‘The Tarzan Method’ had something to do with your chest hair!

    I like the new format. I’m sure it’s a lot more efficient to make a video rather than a long post.

  • haha, people really love the chest hair. It’s like they have never seen a wog before :).
    At the moment it is, but I will want to make them better which will require more takes, editing, so on.For now they are working.

  • I think they will ban offshore. At the end of the day the government wants as much money from gambling going into their hands. They don’t get anything if people lose their money to offshore bookies.
    The most likely outcome of the IGA is a ban on offshore wagering and In-play betting allowed.
    It just means you and I will need to find ways to continue betting off shore or quit this hobby we love.