October 14th – October 20th -$430.00

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]p and down and down and up once again this week to end back right where I started. Nevertheless there is a bit to talk about. The NFL finally started (well me betting on it, it started 6 weeks ago), The Ultimate Tipster giveaway winner was drawn, those bastard 90+ min goals reared their ugly faces and another shout out for some media stuff coming up. This will also be the last update for at least 2 weeks as I head on over to the UK to watch the final few games of the Rugby world cup. Not sure how much betting I will get done in that time but there is no chance I’ll have time for the weekly update.

First a request from Lauren Levin at Financial Counselling Australia. She would love to hear from anyone who:

  • worked for an online sports betting company – the more recent the better, but would like to talk to anyone with insight
  • or have evidence of things that are (NQR) not quite right in how they conduct the online sports betting business – is there corruption from a punters perspective?

After seeing the sort of segments these media organisations do with gambling related content, I have stayed away from them. But this one is looking to be a really great and in depth look at what we all know goes on in this industry. I know many of you who are currently in or have worked in the industry and this is a real chance to get your story out there. So please contact Lauren directly or you can email me and I can put you in contact with her.

We also finally have some movement in regards to the Interactive Gambling Act review. It looks like the only area they are looking at is offshore bookies, which is just ridiculous, but everyone is free to make a submission to the department of social services and we can let them know the reason we are all forced to bet offshore. There are few moments where you can make an impact and by lodging a submission you are doing that.

I could go on and on about industry news but lets get to my break-even week. I am down to just 2 and a half bookies who will take a bet on the NBL, I wish I was down to 0 as another $4,300 loss was added to the tally this week. The MLB Totals have been so frustrating the last month and gave back another $5,800 in the playoffs. NHL Totals are hard to get on but my perseverance was rewarded with $7,000 profit and we welcomed back the NFL this week with a $8,550 profit thanks to 6 from 8 line bets winning. The totals (which is usually the stronger model) did poorly. So even though a few models performed terribly, Sportpunter still made me a nice profit this week.

Dailyprofit members have also welcomed back the NFL with a 7 unit profit this weekend. You are now able to buy single sport packages on the Dailyprofit site and the NFL is (I believe) the second strongest sport behind the AFL model.


The Soccer combo system has had a stellar run and it had to hit a bump eventually. That bump came in the shape of a $7,000 loss. It wouldn’t be a soccer season without me losing bets in added time and that happened in 3 games this week that turned what would have been a $20,000 profit into a $7,000 loss. If Fulham had also managed to get up it would have been a 50k weekend. But things going my way on the pitch is asking for a little too much. I have also started following the TFA Euro and Draw picks once again at 0.5 units (formally known as $500). Combined they added $1,400 profit.

Talking about the switch to recording in unit sizes and it does actually seem better. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I do feel better during the weekly ups and downs, and at stages this week I was sitting on a high of 30 units ($30,000) and a low of 12 units ($12,000). I’ll continue on this way till the end of this 6th year of betting.

Finally I drew the winner of the $31,000 Ultimate Tipster Giveaway and Jared J was the lucky guy. I’ll be in contact with him this week to get him set up with all the tipsters. A big thanks to everyone involved, from the Tipsters who donated their products and Madbookie who gave a $1,000 bonus bet. There will be ongoing monthly prizes and offers for everyone who entered and if Jared does not want all the prizes we will do a redraw for the ones he doesn’t want.

So a meh week results wise but there was a lot going on. Switching to holiday mode now for the next 2 weeks (although I will continue to try and place bets). See you in a fortnight. Go Aussies.

Total Loss for the week was $430.00

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Stats Year 6
Total bet amount: $1,474,060.00
Profit/Loss: $21,330.00
POT: 1.45%
Bets Placed: 1214
Won: 418
Lost: 558
Half Payout: 18
Refunded: 220
Winning %: 42.8%
Total profit per day: $407,390.00 / 1938 = $210.21
Total Turnover: $23,358,090.00
Total ROI: 1.74%

NBL Totals $15,980.00 $(5,230.00) -32.7%
week profit/loss: -1280

NBL Line $25,630.00 $(7,590.00) -29.6%
week profit/loss: -3010

MLB Totals $499,200.00 $(19,910.00) -4.0%
week profit/loss: -5790

NHL Totals $21,370.00 $8,510.00 39.8%
week profit/loss: 7000

NFL Totals $12,860.00 $(6,810.00) -53.0%
week profit/loss: -6810

NFL Line $25,490.00 $15,350.00 60.2%
week profit/loss: 15350

Soccer combo $120,550.00 $33,370.00 27.7%
week profit/loss: -6960

E1-E6 $5,000.00 $300.00 6.0%
week profit/loss: 300

D1-D6 $3,000.00 $1,080.00 36.0%
week profit/loss: 1080

Jason Kelly $5,290.00 $(5,215.00) -98.6%
week profit/loss: 0

Betswot $2,925.00 $(236.80) -8.1%
week profit/loss: 0

Odds Pushed Out $15,500.00 $290.00 1.9%
week profit/loss: -500

Personal $271,030.00 $(8,310.00) -3.1%
week profit/loss: 190

Mistake $2,500.00 $2,563.25 102.5%
week profit/loss: 0

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  • Paul

    Hi Steve,

    I stumbled on your blog some time ago now when you did an article for Secret Betting Club and have been griped on your ups and downs ever since, I recently restarted posting my betting results on my blog just wondered if you would mind adding me to your blog roll?

    URL: http://paulsbettingblog.blogspot.co.uk/



  • Hey Paul,
    Nice blog. As I tell every other blogger, if you can hit 6 months of consistent blogging then I am happy to add it to the site. Email me in February if your still going strong and I’ll add it.

    It’s a tough ride at the start and I wish you all the best. I hope you become just one of the 2 or 3 who last over 6 months. From what I read on the blog you seem to have a chance.


  • Paul

    Thanks Steve,
    Yeah I can fully appreciate that I have seen many blogs start and go especially within a 12 month period. Its never easy I will be sure to email you in the new year all the best with your blog and betting.