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Dec 31st – Jan 6th -$9,735.92

015 has not started well at all. An absolute shocking week for Sportpunter somewhat salvaged by the football tipsters. Lots of articles coming in the next few weeks, my wrap up of 2014, what I...

Not a good week 17

Dec 24th – Dec 30th -$7,958.24

hope you all had a very Merry Christmas or other season related holiday experience. My first Christmas as a dad was pretty awesome. Lots of presents and lots and lots of food. I also received...

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Sportsbet dodgy EPL offer

Now I don’t usually bother posting up all the dodgy stuff bookies do every single day. I would be posting non stop. But this one tickled my funny bone in how blatantly horrible it was....

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Dec 17th – Dec 23rd +$3,595.23

weeks of profit now and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The last two Decembers I have been in a big hole, while not an amazing return, I’m pretty happy to be sitting...

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Dec 10th – Dec 16th +$29,140.36

ou might want to save this weekly update and read it when you have a good 10 minutes. This one will cover a heap of stuff. It’s been an amazing week on many levels. The...

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Sporting Karma is now live

Yesterday I announced my new Start up. Today it went live. If you are an Australian and love Sport then please head to the Sporting Karma website and make a donation. Not only are you...

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Introducing Sporting Karma

Please note: The site is live and ready for donation until 7:30pm Saturday the 13th of December. Visit Sporting Karma. Well I have harped on for the past few weeks about this grand new idea...

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Dec 3rd – Dec 9th +$7,459.58

hat a week. I’ve just returned from a media conference with the Wollongong Hawks. I’ve been working really hard on this project for the past 2 weeks and tomorrow I will be explaining to everyone...

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Congratulations to our #TattsSportsTour winner @stevemor! He’s off to the #SuperBowl! #TattsGold pic.twitter.com/Z4RW58POcj — Tatts.com/Sports (@tatts_sports) December 5, 2014 More info on what I have won here https://tatts.com/tattsbet/us-sports

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Nov 26th – Dec 2nd +$4,040.68

quick update today as I am working on the business I created over the weekend. Still a lot to get done and I hope to present it all to you by the end of the...