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Dec 17th – Dec 23rd +$3,595.23

weeks of profit now and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The last two Decembers I have been in a big hole, while not an amazing return, I’m pretty happy to be sitting...

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Dec 10th – Dec 16th +$29,140.36

ou might want to save this weekly update and read it when you have a good 10 minutes. This one will cover a heap of stuff. It’s been an amazing week on many levels. The...

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Sporting Karma is now live

Yesterday I announced my new Start up. Today it went live. If you are an Australian and love Sport then please head to the Sporting Karma website and make a donation. Not only are you...

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Introducing Sporting Karma

Please note: The site is live and ready for donation until 7:30pm Saturday the 13th of December. Visit Sporting Karma. Well I have harped on for the past few weeks about this grand new idea...

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Dec 3rd – Dec 9th +$7,459.58

hat a week. I’ve just returned from a media conference with the Wollongong Hawks. I’ve been working really hard on this project for the past 2 weeks and tomorrow I will be explaining to everyone...

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Congratulations to our #TattsSportsTour winner @stevemor! He’s off to the #SuperBowl! #TattsGold pic.twitter.com/Z4RW58POcj — Tatts.com/Sports (@tatts_sports) December 5, 2014 More info on what I have won here https://tatts.com/tattsbet/us-sports

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Nov 26th – Dec 2nd +$4,040.68

quick update today as I am working on the business I created over the weekend. Still a lot to get done and I hope to present it all to you by the end of the...

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Nov 19th – Nov 25th +$33,407.46

ild swings have become the norm now and happily for me, this weeks swing was all up. The biggest bet of the week lost. A massive $8,000 on an NBL game, but Soccer made a...

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Nov 12th – Nov 18th -$11,645.44

ack to back losing weeks and from a position of profit just a fortnight ago to back into the doldrums. I keep getting up off the canvas and then floored again and again. Gambling is such...