Sep 15th – Sep 21st

A very slow week with a little over $250 profit. About 60 bets for the week and a total of $33,000 bet with a POT of 0.0075. The majority of the bets were on baseball. The AFL and NRL season are in their finals so there are very limited bets there. ATP, WTA, and Soccer will be added next week. Also looking forward to the new NHL and NBA seasons.


    Total bet amount: $406,873.01
    Profit/Loss: $17,666.92
    POT: 4.3%

    Bets Placed: 751
    Won: 366
    Lost: 352
    Half Payout: 1
    Refunded: 32
    Winning %: 51.0%

    Average Odds: 2.17
    Average Win odds: 2.08
    Average Losing odds: 2.29

    Average Bet size: $541.77
    Average win Bet size: $539.27
    Average loss Bet size: $547.55

    Profit per day: 17,666.92 / 83 = $212

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