Sportsbook Credit – Is it Legal?

Lauren Levin from Financial Counselling Australia contacted me last week and asked me to reach out to you guys to see if any of you have had issues with credit given from any Australian sportsbooks.

Lauren is trying to see if the credit is actually legal. Financial counselling Australia believe it may have breached laws and is not a valid debt.

From Laurens email to me:

We’re doing some work on responsible gambling policy, and are interested in hearing from you if you were given credit by an online betting company that you have trouble paying back. Or if you’ve been taken to court, or threatened with a credit listing or court action. Or if you simply have a debt related to online gambling which is causing you grief.

The other area is credit card debt related gambling. Have you got a heap of credit card debt that you are worried about and can’t afford to repay? I work for a consumer advocacy organisation and we’re trying to have consumer protections in gambling, so people can gamble safely.

If so, please could you let Steve know and leave your contact details (email and phone so I can chat about it).

I’d really like to hear from you.

I’ll email you first to work out a convenient time to chat. Thanks so much.


PS. If you’re interested in reading our report on what’s happening behind the scenes in online sports betting, see
Duds, Mugs and the A-List 

You can contact me (admin @ daily25. com) or by using the “contact me” button on the lower right hand side of this site.

FCA has helped many readers of this site and their damning report into the sportsbook industry last year prompted the government to take a deeper look into the bookies and next year we will hopefully see some changes in the way bookmaking in Australia is run.

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