Why Pinnacle Sports sucks for the average bettor

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  1. Thomas Henry says:

    Good article Steve.

    I didn’t know Pinnacle had brought this rule in.

    Do you know when they introduced and where can I find the info on their site. I had a look under Payments and FAQs, couldn’t find any reference to the 5x rollover & 3% fee.

    The move could be designed so as to ensure they retain more customer money on deposit and dissuade people from withdrawing?


  2. Ewan Gibson says:

    I moved my cash out as soon as I read this in an email from pinnacle. I simply don’t use them enough to have cash sitting there doing nothing. Reminds me of the film casino where they deliberately keep the high roller in the hotel until he loses all his winnings.

  3. manuser7 says:

    thanks Steve for this relevant article
    as i am a “big” bettor myself i don’t feel too concerned by the turnover problem but what I don’t like about Pinnacle is the very limited InPlay market, and the lower odds on parlays.

    But parlays are not the best way to make money anyway so…

  4. beige says:

    Provoking article, I’m going to jump to pinnys defence, as invited!

    Criticising pinnacle for having bigger than standard limits on losing accounts is harsh. They have a completely transparent standard max bet which is far better than most places and great for the industry. If they take a decent sized bet (and they do) and want to offer some people more then that’s their business.

    Likewise the parlay criticism. For any given parlay pinnacle are much less likely to see two sides business so need extra margin to justify the product. It’s essentially a more expensive product to produce, despite simply seeming like a combination of multiple simple / cheap products this really isn’t the case.

    And for your bettor who withdraws every week… I don’t know anyone like this!

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Tom,
    They have managed to hide it on the site, I had trouble finding it myself for the article. Try going to deposit options and then reading all the rules on the page

  6. Steve says:

    Hey Beige,
    Always happy to hear the other side.
    I’m not criticising them for letting losing customer bet more, If you read the article, my complaint is with their advertising. They state that everyone gets the same limit, which is not true. Many times I need to bet 2 or 3 times because the limit is lower then my bet, so I lose out, while a losing customer can bet all at once and get the top price. So it’s clear to me that not everyone has the “same high limits” they advertise.
    The limits are great, but the marketing is untrue.

    The parlay issue I have less concerns with as people would take advantage of them if they left them as is.

    I’m assuming the ring of friends you know are the more professional type, which make up a very small size of the overall market. The normal punter withdraws all the time as he needs access to that money during the week (shocking to think they bet with money they can’t afford to lose, but this is what a lot of people do).

    Thanks again for your reply

  7. wah says:

    The average punter doesnt withdraw once a week they withdraw soonish aftrr a good win about once a week.
    Could pick holes in all your arguements but in the end the moral of the story is the average punter is very lazy and will only respond to marketing they are dont even know pinnacle exist

  8. Steve says:

    Hey Ewan,
    All the “average” punters I know withdraw when their last bet of the week is over. They sadly need that money for the week.
    It’s easy to say you could pick holes and then not pick any (I did have to make a number of assumptions that could be wrong).. I’m happy to hear them. But yes, the average punter is lazy, only bets at one or two bookies and couldn’t care less about odds or recording of bets. They allow people like me to make a profit.

  9. wah says:

    Pretty bored so lets keep this going but firstly i believe everyone is better off using multiple bookies and the corporates are the best place to start because of bonuses and spe ials.

    The “average” punter if using just one bookie only gets one deposit bonus (not quite true)so that cn not be taken into account on a yearly basis. They are more likely to jump on a quick multi than take advantagd of a real offer and they most certainly are not making any money out of their credit card.

    Yes if they wete half smart they would make 5-10k a year in bouses and get better odds then be winning punters with the same selections but they are not.

    I have tried to explain to many average punters what they should be doing but alas they just want to be the guys on the tv ads

  10. Steve says:

    I think the issue is we really don’t know what the average mug punter is like. As I mention in the article, I got my data from someone who works for Australia’s largest sportsbook, so would assume that’s a pretty good place to start.

    They will only get 1 signup bonus, but will also get reload bonuses, freebets, ongoing bonus offers and a lot more (especially if they are losing).

    Yep, sadly most punters don’t really care, and that’s what bookies are hoping for, they show them a flashy life and market these winning punters. So real ads would help, punters going into credit card debt, divorces, suicide. But that side is never shown.

  11. Steve says:

    They are still the best sportsbook in the world. But that is helped by how bad the rest of them are.
    I still love them but they have been doing a lot of things wrong lately.

  12. Gabriel says:

    Steve, if I
    remember correctly, you used to write an article about Bookmaker that can be an
    alternative to Pinnacle Sports when Pinnacle leaves UK last year (my apology if
    it was not you) and can’t find the article in your site. Can you kindly show
    the link navigating to the article or just say Not Me?


  13. Beard says:

    If you don’t have pinny for an out, you’re a fool.

    Forget bashing.

    They pay.

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