State of Origin Dailyprofit example

EDIT: The game ended 26-18 to NSW. Members made $75 profit from the bets, plus $100 cashback because QLD lost by 8 or less and a further $100 cashback because QLD lead at any stage. A $275 profit. Not bad for a Wednesday night. We have multiple bets like this each and every week.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] thought I would walk you through an example of what we do for the Riskfree & Value section of the Dailyprofit service. This part of the service is only open to Australian and New Zealand members as it uses bonus offers from the Aussie bookies. The service is $37 per month and over the past 11 months we have averaged a return of over $1,000 a month. So pretty much your first month will pay for over 2 years of the service.

One thing to note is that eventually the bookies will stop you from taking advantage of these bonus offers, but we have a few little tricks that manage to keep accounts open that little bit longer. There are also a few that have never limited members and these ones will cover the cost of the monthly membership many times over as well.

Once you get into the swing of things, it takes no more than an hour a week to place the bets and that equates to an hourly pay of $250 per hour. For anyone starting out betting, this is the perfect way to build up your bank from $0 to $10,000. Once you have a bank that big you can really start to take advantage of the Sportpunter bets and start making some great profits. We have members email us all the time letting us know the holidays or gifts they have bought themselves thanks to the service.

Today’s State or origin game gives us a great opportunity to make a guaranteed profit and also hope for a few things to happen that will make us even more profit.

We also talk to the non corporate bookies and do deals to get certain odds on games that are only for Dailyprofit members. We simply see a certain promo and ask if they would like to take the opposite side in certain cases and they are very open to this. You won’t find any other service that gets you offers like that.

So let’s go over what was sent to Dailyprofit members for tonight’s game. Note that we have hidden the names of some of the bookmakers in this example.

stateoforigonQLD v NSW (State of Origin Game 2)

$100 NSW @ $3.50 (Tatts Special) Note: advised the day before
$100 NSW @ $2.25 (Bookmaker A)

$50 QLD @ $2.00 (Bookmaker B) Note: This was only for Dailyprofit members
$20 QLD @ $2.00 (Bookmaker C)
$125 QLD @ $1.70 (Bookmaker D)
$100 QLD @ $1.67 (Bookmaker E)

$5 Draw @ 21.00 (Bookmaker F- Margin Market)

Note: If you are ineligible for some of the bookies promos, either scale your bets back to suit or simply replace those bets with the best odds available on that particular bet. The Draw bet is only required if you took the $50 @ $2.00 with Bookmaker B this morning.

NSW win in regular time: $75 Profit
QLD win in regular time: $19.50 Profit
NSW win in extra time: $180 Profit
QLD win in extra time: $24.50 Profit

Potential Bonuses:
$100 Refund if your team loses by 8 points or less.
$100 Free Bet Refund if your team scores a try in the first half and loses.
$100 Refund if your team lead at any stage and lose.

Potential returns

We also have images showing each bet and a few other things on the page. So for this one game we have a few outcomes.

Worst case scenario

QLD win by more than 8 and lead all the way and NSW do not score a try in the first half. In that case you will make a profit of $19.50.

Best Case Scenario

NSW winning in extra time by 8 points or less and Queensland were leading at any stage and also score a try in the first half. In that very rare example, you will make $180 profit and get $300 in refunds and free bets.

You can check out the Outcomes and Potential bonuses above. No matter what, you make a profit. Worst case you cover half your monthly subscription fee and best case you cover the subscription fee for the next year. That is just from one game.

You can figure all this out yourself and many people do. But it would take you a few hours to see what all the offers are and a few more to figure out the best way to do it. It just makes sense to let us do all the work. If you value your time, it’s a much smarter move to pay $37 for work that will take you 10 hours per month. But hey, if you like working for $3.70 per hour, go right ahead. You also won’t be able to take advantage of the bonuses offers we source from other bookies.

You can join the service now and get the bets on for tonight’s game and sit back, have a beer and know that you are going to make a profit. But you still have the excitement of betting as you want certain things to happen. It really is the perfect way to bet.



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