Urgent: Looking for you to share your story

Yesterday I posted on twitter about this damning report into the Australian bookmaking industry.

It has some truly depressing stories of punters who have lost everything (Life, home, family) because of the credit extended to them and lack of social responsibility from the Australian bookmakers. It is required reading.

I contacted Lauren Levin who works at financial counselling Australia to let her know how brilliant it was that they were highlighting this issue and that if she needed any help to just ask.

We had a phone conversation and she is meeting with Nick Xenophon and also Scott Morrison (minister for social services) today to discuss what legislation can be created to fix this issue. These issues need to be out in the public consciousness to help push through any legislation that may result.

I-Need-Your-HelpAn ABC current affairs program has been in contact with Lauren and want to do a story about this, but the story will only go ahead if they can find some people who are willing to be interviewed. I have put up my hand, but they also need losing punters.

They just want to know what happened (how you lost the money), how quickly it happened and how it affected your life. Without someone willing to come forward who has lost money there will be no segment. Losing money gambling is not uncommon and it affects many thousands of people every day. If you can help by sharing your story it will pave the way to help many hundreds of thousands over the coming years.

If this program does not go ahead, the issue will slip through the cracks and won’t be talked about again for many years. We have an opportunity right now to make a difference.

You can contact me (admin@daily25.com) and I can pass on your details or you can contact Lauren directly (lauren.levin@financialcounsellingaustralia.org.au).

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  • steve jones

    Hey Steve
    I’ll go on and talk about some of my biggest losses. Much bigger, I’m sure, than most mug punters, so long as I can sent it to all the Aust books who’ve banned me, to get me reinstated as a mug.
    cheers Steve

  • steve jones

    Actually I’m glad I’m banned from all the Aust Books. When I take their money I’m really taking it from the poor mug with a betting problem…. it stinks. At least with Pinnacle, its from sharps ….therefore money somewhat less putrid….