The World’s best ever sportsbook promo

I bet you saw that headline and rushed to the site hoping to find a new offer. Sadly the good old days of Sportsbook promos are long gone. The best ever promo for a sportsbook was sent out 10 years ago. While there is still money to be made with sportsbook promos (and we show you how to do that every day at, the offers get worse and worse each year.

But bookmakers don’t like to change what works, and that means the promos will be around for a very long time. The books don’t offer anything special to get people coming back to use them, so they have to continue to offer incentives for members to come back.

While I only started betting properly 6 and a bit years ago, I was bonus hunting (whoring) for many years before that. I stumbled on advantage gambling while at university with casino offers and slowly moved into bookie offers as well before moving into real betting.

I remember the day this email landing in my inbox. The offer was from an online casino that was starting up their sportsbook. I knew it was a well-established casino, so had no hesitation taking up the offer. But it did seem too good to be true.

The Offer

The offer was open to new and current members (max of 5,000). All you had to do was place a bet of up to $1,100 @ $1.90 on the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the line against the Miami Dolphins.

If they covered, you won $1,000. If they didn’t cover, you got your $1,100 stake back.

There were no other rules. You did not have to turn winnings or stake over.

Lucky for me, I had my account and 9 other “friends” who were bonus hunting at this time. So in total I had an $11,000 free bet on Pittsburgh to cover the line. I could have bet the other side at another bookie and made a guaranteed $5,000 profit, but I decided to let it ride.

I think this was one of the first ever games of NFL I watched and it was not looking good. But Pittsburgh scored 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter to win it 28-17 and cover the line.

Mansion paid out $5,000,000.00 and while you see their logo on a few EPL teams, they no longer run a sportsbook.

A promo like this will never be bettered. Once Americans are allowed to bet again, you will see some very big bonuses, but none will be better than the Mansion one.

What was the best promo you ever received? and how much did you make from it?


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  • Hareeba

    Yes I recall that offer. But I had only one account and I did lay it off so made only $500 odd. The sportsbook didn’t seem to last too long after that so hard to see that it paid off big time for them.

    The best offer I ever took up was $15K in free bets (no rollover) for a $25K deposit with Dynabet. I think I managed to turn the free bets into about $13.5K cash with matched betting.

  • Wow, that’s very nice. I remember when Betezy/Easybet/Crownbet was going under. They were offering $10k for $10k deposit bonuses. That was a fun time.