Dec 24th – Dec 30th -$7,958.24

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  1. Mariano says:

    Hope you have a great 2015, Steve. One and a half month since I’ve joined DP and I couldn’t be any happier with it because, besides the good/bad results, I really like the way you manage it. I’m here for the long term, no doubts about it (my only complain is the Paypal only payment method. Other methods/long term payments would be great.)
    2014 was not a good year for me betting-wise, I’ve made some mistakes that I definitely plan to fix in 2015.

  2. Steve says:

    Good to hear Mariano. Sadly the software I use only allows Paypal as a payment method. I would like to add Skrill and Neteller and will offer year long memberships that will incorporate them soon.
    It’s an ongoing education, I made so many mistakes early on.

  3. Brantigan says:

    Hi Steve

    Want to back up what Mariano has said. Great service, just a bit cheesed I can’t always take advantage of the value bets.

    Anyway, looking forward to 2015 with Daily Profit!

    Just a word about GOWI, I was with him for 18 months and in the end stopped. It was impossible to get stated odds, even trying to place them within minutes of them arriving – he must have about 1000 subscribers!?! Also during that time (including his fees) I was well down. But his overweening arrogance was the final straw for me.


  4. Steve says:

    Yeah, the Value bets wont be around for ever and accounts will get limited. But take as much while you can.

    The arrogance is what gets to me, and like you said, with what I would guess is at least 500 members paying 49 euro a month, that’s 300,000 Euro a year. So he believes he is above any of the basic things like keeping fair odds. I guess he just doesn’t care anymore, just happy to take peoples money.

    Even with 150 members I can start to notice odds moving, and I will figure out a way to make sure all members can get on. I have an idea that is radical but might work. But it will take many months to implement.

    I could easily reach 1,000 members and make my half million a year, but I would also know that hardly any of them were doing much better than break even. This is the wild west with no rules and no one to stop people, hopefully I can change things.

  5. Matteo says:

    Congratulations Steve, the rant on Club Gowi sums up exactly how I feel about the service. We have been in a disastrous December and he even has given 2 free extra weeks to the members due how terrible the results have been, yet on Boxing day he gets 3,5 selections right out of 4 and we see on social media a concealed brag: the feeling I got as a follower when I saw that was really disgusting.

    Regarding PCG, I have been with him for about a 1.5 years and I am satisfied with the service. Yes, he has been not so good on the email picks for the last 6 months but I also bet on the Basic raw number selections that are on his website and these have been doing really good. Why he decides to filter out the latter selections is really beyond me as they provide great value and a higher ROC.

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks Matteo, it seems I hit the nail on the head with that rant as I have received a fair number of emails just like your comment.

    I believe PCG produces the email for the majority of members who (like me) are too lazy to use the raw numbers. I may have a final look at the raw numbers, maybe I can combine them with SP for an even better model. Would be interesting to see how they perform when picks overlap.

  7. Mariano says:

    Matteo, any way to contact you privately to see how you take advantage of the raw numbers?

  8. Stewboss says:

    Your post on the Blackburn v Boro game intrigues me Steve and raises a few issues with shot based models which Pinnacle Sports often write about. Here’s the match report from the BBC site

    Now I’m a Boro fan but I wasn’t one of the 7,000 who travelled over the Pennines (a UK record this season) but I did watch the extended highlights on tv and I do believe that Keith has a point as Boro had by far the best ‘quality’ chances having the ball cleared off the line and rattling the woodwork a couple of times. Here’s a quote from the Boro manager Karanka –

    “It should be three points. Again, it’s the same story when we play against Blackburn. I’ve been here for one year and we have played against them three times and three times the man of the match was the keeper. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence.

    “We’ve not had a lot of chances and haven’t played much better than them but we’ve had three or four clear chances to score today.”

    If I had access to the Opta stats that all the clubs use, I’m sure I could create the best ratings systems ever seen but I don’t so I will have to make do and the record will show Blackburn had a good day and Boro not so good. UTB as we say on Teesside!!

    Food for thought….

  9. Steve says:

    Yep, but I did watch the NFL match, I agree stats can lie.. But the point was, this is not a one off. I have not once seen a tipster say “we got lucky with that one”. It is only ever bad luck. We all know that these things go both ways, if you are going to say it was bad luck when you lose a few bets, I also want to hear about the good luck with those 97th minute goals that go our way.

  10. Stewboss says:

    This is the main reason I stopped writing about results. There’s no point to it really. What’s one results in a thousand and more I will tip this season?

    The discussion has highlighted an important issue that I would like to explore further one day. How much luck is involved in a system model and how much does it vary in live results. How much affect does it have on results (matches and betting) and how is the system performing compared to the model? System metrics I believe they call it.

  11. Stewboss says:

    I agree this is unacceptable marketing !

  12. Steve says:

    With a maths based model, there is no need at all to make comments at all. I believe as Keith uses stats and his own opinion he may feel like he has to address losses.
    I think luck over time evens out to 0. No exact idea, but if you have 1000 bets a season then luck plays nothing in the end results.

  13. Matteo says:

    sure, you can contact me on twitter @deedelek
    btw, Tom has posted in his website an article about the raw numbers. I haven’t had time yet to read it myself but I believe it is taken from the SBC,

  14. Mariano says:

    Thanks, I’m following you now. Yes, I read that article, it’s pretty good and useful to understand the Raw Numbers for MLB and NFL.

  15. No 8 says:

    Over 1k bets luck will in fact play a major role.

  16. Johnny says:

    Really have to come in “defense” of GOWi here. He’s probably on of the best in the world in the toughest of leagues (Premier League and NFL). I bet what I found is his best leagues and leagues where I can get on and my results have been good. And as in the Colts vs Bengals preview the other day. “I leave very little money behind on the NFL when I am this keen on a match up”.
    If you’re only betting 1.75 units on a selection like that, you’re doing it wrong.

  17. Steve says:

    I’m not saying he isn’t good, I am still a subscriber. But I am saying he isn;t transparent at all and records results however he sees fit. If you are going to advertise a 16% ROI when not one member has come and said they can equal that, you better be able to back it up with real proof.
    If he simply recorded fair odds and showed results on the site, I would have nothing but praise for the service. I’ve sent at least 50 people to his service last year after people emailed me, but I also feel I have let them down. I won’t be recommending his service again until he changes a few things (which he wont).

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