October 2013 Review -$30,475.86

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  1. Thomas E says:

    I came across your blog last month and have been following it on a regular basis. How did you decide on which systems to follow? Did you do much back testing on them? I’m doing similar stuff to you so interested to hear from a fellow investor:)

  2. admin says:

    Hi Thomas,
    To be honest, there isn’t much thought that goes into me picking a model. There is only so much we can go on when picking a tipster. I have made so many mistakes over the years and I’m sure I will make many many more.

    What I would love to know beforehand when choosing who to follow is.

    1. Time bets come out
    2. The real odds I can expect to get (30 minutes after release)
    3. Were past results proofed
    4. Biggest drawdowns
    5. How the system was derived (stats or opinion or combination)
    6. What others think about the service
    7. How long has it been going
    8. What bookies they suggest (If they say anything other then Pin and asian then I know I can not get odds anywhere near what they say)
    9. I’m sure there are many other factors I consider.

    But at the end of the day, if they seem to have a winning record, and are in a league I know I can get bets on and if the service is a reasonable price, then I will give them a go. The majority of the time they are shit and i’ll lose a bit of money, but then when you find a good one and know long term they will make a profit for you, that’s a great feeling.

    I still don’t know when to stop following a service, as I feel I have to at least finish 1 season to properly explain to all my readers if the tipster was good or bad. I do have a set bank for each and on a few occasions that has been hit.

    I think there are probably less then 10 models out there that can make a consistent profit after taking into account all of the points above.

    I just have to keep testing these systems and be ruthless when I know they are not as they appear. Something I will be doing more of in 2014.

  3. Thomas E says:

    Thanks for your reply. Can I send you an email through this site? There is some stuff I’d like to tell you but want to keep private. Thanks

  4. admin says:

    No worries, just send emails to admin@ thissite .com

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