Dailyprofit service results. (and second intake)

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  1. Steve says:

    If you have any questions, just ask them below.

  2. Hoff says:

    How do you go about not having accounts banned if betting through $11k in a month while taking advantage or promotions? From what I’ve read, if you’re maxing the promo’s at books like Sportsbet you’ll last all of a few months then have your account severely limited.

  3. Steve says:

    The 11k is over 11 books, so on average 1k per book, which isn’t much. But you’re right that eventually the bookies will limit you.
    We do a few things we feel will keep the accounts open longer (not going to share that in public). But if all you do is take the bonus offers and nothing else, then you will be banned quickly.

  4. Michael says:

    SIgned up to the waiting list. Its been 30 mins and no confirmation email??

  5. Steve says:

    hmm, Check your spam folder? I see a ******michael10 email address. It seems to have worked. If not then just email me admin @ this website

  6. Skg says:

    Can you break down the distribution of profits from the Risk Free’s, Values and Sportpunters? Would be useful for those who already subscribe to Sportpunter, and just to see how much your results weigh to his success over the last few weeks.


  7. Steve says:

    It’s there mate, there’s an image with the results.
    Risk Free +538 (plus an extra $140 in freebets)
    Value bets: +59
    SP: +800

  8. Steve says:

    Will also offer tiers, so some might only want riskfree, some only SP

  9. Skg says:

    Apologies, skimmed past the images. Thanks for the clarification.

    Also, when it comes to the freebets, how much is weighted towards sign-on bonuses? The reason I ask is that books are prohibited from offering sign-on’s to residents of certain states.

  10. htraeck says:

    does it make sense for “non-aussies” too ?

  11. Steve says:

    no worries.
    No signup bonuses are included in the results as like you said, it wouldn’t be fair to everyone. But that doesn’t stop me from teaching the ones who can take advantage of making even more on top of what the normal service offers.
    You’d also be surprised by some bookies who will still give anyone a bonus even though they say they wont 🙂

  12. Steve says:

    Sadly no. The Sportpunter $2 lines might be available, and some value bets. But the risk free bets are usually only for Australian and New Zealand customers. If this goes well then I will look into how I can help the rest of the world as well.

  13. Ewan Gibson says:

    I’m interested in AFL and NRL bets Steve. I’m in UK and can get on these bets easily. Sports punter is just now out my price range but yours sounds a great idea. If you open to uk sub’s I’d be interested.

  14. Steve says:

    Hew Ewan, are you able to get on the $2 lines at Topsport, Palmer, Ladbrokes group? If so then I think $30 even just for the SP section is a bargin. The AFL season is coming to an end and the same with the NRL, so the SP part will only run for another month or two. If you can get on then yeah, I’d suggest you joined.

  15. Ewan Gibson says:

    Are the $2 lines handicap lines around 10/11 odds? Sorry the terminology gets confusing. If so uk books also have these lines and pinnicle too. I’ve been breaking even following a rugby tipster from the uk and I’m fed up putting the effort and capital in for little return its frustrating.

  16. Steve says:

    No, the normal lines for any line bets are usually 1.91 (91/100), but some books have $2 lines (1/1). So your profit on a $100 bet is usually $91, but with these special odds it is $100. A massive difference over lots of bets.

  17. Andy Gittins says:

    Hey Steve, so can UK residents join as we should be able to bet on the value bets so would be worthwhile just for that

  18. Steve says:

    Hey Andy, I don’t think you will be able to. If you like you can join and see, and if you an’t get on then I’ll happily refund your subscription cost.

  19. Mattx says:

    Damn, I missed out this time coz I was on holidays (off the grid holiday – no net for a week) ….I’m keen to join from September.

  20. Steve says:

    No Rush Mattx, these offers are not going anywhere. See you in September

  21. North says:

    Had a subsciption to Simon Marshall’s so called ‘insider tips’ service some years back. As a result I am loathe to trust ANY betting service. What’s your motivation for offering this service OTHER that subsciption profits?

  22. Steve says:

    Hey North,
    If we follow a few “tipsters” we will all be burned in our time. As I have said a million times on this blog, 99% are flat out cheats.
    You have to do your own research on each service before investing your hard earned on them. I can’t believe how silly people are in regards to following tipsters, they would never act the same way with other types of investing.
    Just a note, but anyone who says they have “insider info”, walk away from very quickly…. very very quickly.

    Onto my motivation.
    Monetary is off course one. If I can make this service my full time job then that would be great.

    But the real reason I started are below
    1. Show other tipsters how to run a service (recording of odds, transparency, so on)
    2. I will not only make my members money, I will also be teaching them about betting (setting a bank, tracking everything, finding the best odds, other little secrets)
    3. To take millions of the bookies (If you read this blog you know my disdain for them).
    4. Develop a member base to bring about industry change

    The problem you had was you trusted someone who had never shown that he made profit from betting, he was linked to betting by being a jockey, that’s meaningless. Whereas I have shown over the past 4 years that I can make a consistent profit.

    Hope this helped

  1. August 4, 2014

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