Mar 23rd – Mar 29th

This week just eclipsed my best ever week. The start of the AFL season and an amazing run of clay courters in the ATP had propelled my profit back up to $35,000 before a few loses over the last few days took it back to just under the $30,000 mark. A total profit of just shy of $16,000 in the end. I don’t think I have ever seen a better start to any model then the AFL one, this model is by far the best one that sportpunter creates and year after year it has made a great profit. Last year I started midway through the season and managed an amazing 23.3% and 17.30% ROI on H2H and Line betting. This year I have also added totals to the equation. A few of my other consistent performers had an inevitable bad run which impacted on the final result.

AFL made a total profit of $9889.12, with the major contributor being the line bets which went 6 from 7. The first 2 games of the season I got very lucky with. The line in the first game had no chance as at the start of the last qtr they were down by 20 and needed to cover the line by 19.5, but somehow they managed to cover that line by half a point. In the second game a goal with 19 seconds left wrapped up the H2H and line win.

The closing months of the soccer season has historically been bad, with the last few weeks not doing to well, If this continues then I may lower my stakes until the end of the season. But no real complaints with a 3.3% ROI for the season.

Some amazing winners in the Tennis this week. A lot of the talk on the forum has been the models overrating of the clay courters in non clay events, I have always felt that the I need to have faith in the models as its past performance has always produced great results, and I have continually backed all bets from the start of the year. It just shows that persistence pays off. This week I had winners at odds of $4.20,$5.50, $6.07, $6.66, $12. A total profit of $8999.61 for the week.

Started NRL this week but no winners, a small loss on NHL and a good week for NBA. Sadly I missed the one profitable day for Formbet and ended up down a fair bit as their golf tips went badly and the few races I was involved in also lost.

Total profit for the week was $15,768.53

AFL $24,255.00 $5,345.61 22.0%
Week profit/loss: 1432.74

AFL line $32,829.00 $11,281.21 34.4%
Week profit/loss: 6940.18

AFL Totals $6,308.00 $1,516.20 24.0%
Week profit/loss: 1516.20

Soccer H2H $143,779.00 $7,854.03 5.5%
Week profit/loss: 10.4

Over Soccer $81,869.00 $1,413.26 1.7%
Week profit/loss: -11.92

Under Soccer $173,403.00 $4,022.49 2.3%
Week profit/loss: -1312

Tennis – ATP $192,666.00 $(5,019.12) -2.6%
Week profit/loss: 9298.40

WTA – Tennis $164,099.00 $4,925.32 3.0%
Week profit/loss: -398.79

NRL $11,447.00 $(5,128.29) -44.8%
Week profit/loss: -702.88

NHL – Totals $142,760.00 $(993.91) -0.7%
Week profit/loss: 357

NBA Totals $124,681.00 $5,251.66 4.2%
Week profit/loss: 2160.20

Horse Racing $77,272.00 $(1,360.60) -1.8%
Week profit/loss: -1126

Golf $6,823.00 $(931.25) -13.6%
Week profit/loss: -1600.01

TOP3 $22,633.00 $2,403.00 10.6%
Week profit/loss: -595

Value $8,100.00 $3,249.00 40.1%
Week profit/loss: 0

FB Elite $4,850.00 $(745.75) -15.4%
Week profit/loss: -200

Total bet amount: $1,894,801.37
Profit/Loss: $29,833.17
POT: 1.6%

Bets Placed: 5,293
Won: 2,106
Lost: 2,996
Half Payout: 2
Refunded: 189
Winning %: 41.3%

Profit per day: 29,833.17 / 272= $109.68

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  • Adam

    Brilliant to read Steve. Really well done and it shows what happens when you stick with it.

    Great stuff

  • admin

    Thanks mate, a real welcome relief

  • Tim

    I’d like to echo Adam’s thoughts… discipline and determination are the keys!!