Dailytrades Month 1 Results

I launched Dailytrades in late January and gave everyone free access to test out the service. We have had over 200 people set up an account and give it a go. Dailytrades alerts users when any bookmaker in Australia or elsewhere has better odds than Pinnacle. The theory is that if you beat Pinnacle closing lines, you will make a profit over the long-term. There has been a heap of analysis on this and I will be linking to those in an upcoming post.

But really, with a product like this, the proof is in the pudding. I wouldn’t sell a product I don’t use myself and this site was built from me testing tipsters. It’s only right that I test my new service and report the results. So each and every month, I will go over my results in a video and share what I have made and what I have learned.

But it’s my product so while the results will speak for themselves, I’m also biased. So we also have a real user writing his own monthly review of the service. So each month I will post my review and a few days later we will also see a real users review.

Here are my results from the day we launched (Jan 28th) to the day the video was made (March 6th). I also do a walk-through of the software.


My goal for this year is to make enough profit to pay for my upcoming trips in 2018. I’ll need around $8,000 to cover additional expenses. So I hope to make about $700 a month from Dailytrades. I believe I’ll make between 2-3% ROI with these trades, so need to turn over about $30,000.00 each month.

Watch the video to see how I did in my first month and to also see how the product works.

You can also start using the service anytime by heading to the Dailytrades website.

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