Dailytrades: Real users experience month 4-5

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4 Responses

  1. peter johnson says:

    Going by the report it seems a lot of effort (over 1600 bets) for a return of a little under $130 per month. In fact the last two months show a loss of -$15
    As the flat ROI is -0.9% the staking method (Kelly 50%/30%)has been the means of profit.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Peter,
    The last few months have seen much less sport (no Soccer). This is also just 1 of many members breakdowns. We have members who are now over 20k profit (and others that are slightly negative as well).

    The key with any product you purchase is the return you can expect from your bank. As this is a product for more advanced bettors with a fairly high price tag, you also need a bigger bank (It can be done with 1k, but I would advise a $4k bank to make sure you cover subscription cost and make a very healthy profit).

    Yes, Kelly staking is there for a reason on our platform. It works.

    I think this user will do well over the coming months with the European soccer season in full swing, but I will also look to post a roundup of other users results as well.


  3. peter johnson says:

    Hello Steve,
    Now that you have posted a shot of your latest DT for this to be really informative it would be good if we could see a screen shot of both yours and the anonymous subscribers settings and the Kelly % staking being used.
    We could then compare this with the settings suggested by Marius for the soft books.

  4. DaptoDave says:

    I’ve just received the dredded email from Marathon Bet: “We regret to inform you that MarathonBet has taken a decision to withdraw its online betting and gaming services for all residents from Australia for the foreseeable future.” Is this the beginning of the end?

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