February 2016 Monthly Review -$37,270.00

February took back all January’s profits and then some. Pushing my 6th season of betting back into the negative. There was half a second at the start of the month where I was sitting on $160 profit, the rest of the month was spent in negativeville, a town any gambler will visit as often as a fat kid wants to visit a lolly shop. This month’s chart looks like the exact inverse of the January one.

In February I bet a total of $456,860.00 ($189,230 less then in Jan) and made a loss of $37,270.00 which is a -8.16% ROI. The swing between trough and peak was $50,790.00. I placed 377 bets and won 134 of them, lost 220 and 23 were refunded.


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A pretty steady downward facing graph. There was a nice $20,000 rebound near the end of the month before ending February with a few more losses.

Sportpunter Services

We said hello to a few returning sports and bye to a top performer this month. Super Rugby is back with a few new teams in the competition this season. Things did not start well with a $3,100 loss. The AFL pre-season cup also begun and from the second week I bet very low stakes on the games which resulted in a $1,390 loss. The NBL was winding down but that didn’t mean the losses stopped. A further $8,040 lost on what has been a very poor season. The NBA totals also lost $2,790 but the NHL totals made a small $970. I said a fond farewell to the NFL with a $90 loss on the Superbowl. It’s been a fantastic NFL season and in total I made $45,130 (full review on it’s way).

So all up the Sportpunter models lost $14,440.00 in February.

Soccer Services

In what was a slow month, the only other services I followed were the Soccer Combo system and the two TFA systems (Draw and Euro).

The Euro system lost $940 and the Draw system lost $6,730. The largest loss was from the Combo system which ended the month down $15,160. At one stage the loss was just shy of $35,000 until a great last weekend of the month. This pushed the seasons turnover on the Soccer Combo system to $1.1 million and a total profit of $17,710 at a 1.6% ROI. Not the 5% I was expecting, but still a decent return.


If you scroll down you will see that I have now put all season 6 results into a nicer format. You can even play around with the table.

In other news, the AFL season is just 2 and a half weeks away. We are setting a cap on signups this year to 50 additional spots and 8 have already been taken. If you are thinking of following what I believe is the worlds best model this season then head on over to Dailyprofit and sign up.

It’s pretty disappointing to be sitting on a loss again, especially after the entire 2015 year also produced a small loss. With just 4 months left in my 6th season of betting, could this be my first losing period (I started betting July 2010)? The only comfort is that this period is heavily weighted towards Sportpunter models, and especially the AFL, so all it needs to do is continue to do what it has done for the past decade and a bit and I’ll be ok. I hope your betting was more successful this month.

Total Loss for the month was $37,270.00

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Stats Year 6
Total bet amount: $4,629,840.00
Profit/Loss: -$11,170.00
POT: -0.24%
Bets Placed: 3658
Won: 1366
Lost: 1900
Half Payout: 24
Refunded: 368
Winning %: 41.8%
Total profit per day: $374,890.00 / 2070 = $181.10
Total Turnover: $26,515,870.00
Total ROI: 1.41%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIMonthly P/L
AFL H2H$82,480.00$(4,190.00)
AFL Line$291,870.00$15,040.00
NBL Totals$155,310.00
NBL Line$191,520.00$(7,150.00)-3.7%-11,600.00
NBA Totals$458,270.00$9,440.002.1%-2,790.00
NBA H2H$125,930.00$3,510.002.8%0.00
NFL Totals$396,750.00$2,490.000.6%1,760.00
NFL Line$338,230.00$42,640.0012.6%-1,850.00
NHL Totals$294,880.00$(5,720.00)-1.9%970.00
Super Rugby$4,060.00$(2,200.00)-54.2%-3,100.00
MLB Totals$501,700.00$(22,410.00)-4.5%0.00
Odds Pushed Out$21,500.00$40.00
J. Kelly$7,050.00$(3,810.00)-54.0%0.00
Soccer Combo$1,109,340.00$17,710.001.6%-15,160.00

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