July 1st – Sep 14

This is my first update. These will come weekly from this week, but this one is for the last 2 and a half months.

Currently only placing bets on Baseball H2H and Totals, AFL H2H & Totals and NRL. I am waiting for the first few weeks of most of the soccer leagues to be over before I start placing bets on those. I will also start on Tennis (ATP & WTA) next month.


    Total bet amount: $373,970.01
    Profit/Loss: $17,419.44
    POT: 4.7%

    Bets Placed: 692
    Won: 337
    Lost: 324
    Half Payout: 1
    Refunded: 30
    Winning %: 51.0%

    Average Odds: 2.18
    Average Win odds: 2.08
    Average Losing odds: 2.29

    Average Bet size: $540.42
    Average win Bet size: $538.44
    Average loss Bet size: $544.87

    Profit per day: 17,419.44 /76 = $229

    Profit/Loss Graph:
    Click on graph for large view

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