May 11th – May 17th +$3,455.05

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  1. Sean Kelly says:


    I am the formbet golf tipster and interesting blog you have here, and will follow with interest.

    With the golf are you able to lay off in running? As this is key to having a sustained weekly profit with the golf, with the stakes you are placing on the golf, trading I really think is the best way for you to go.

    With the wildcards I pick these are great for trading, 2 weeks ago I put up Lucas Glover at 160.00 and he went onto win. Just last week then Chris Stroud was put up at 650.00 and traded around 60.00 on Sunday when he was going great guns to get into the top 5.

    Plenty of my selections either get in the frame and trade a lot lower than the advised starting price. Some food for thought.

    Drop me a email if you have any questions.



  2. admin says:

    Hi Sean, thanks for the comments.

    In Australia we can’t bet Inplay over the Internet. We can call up and place Inplay bets though, a really stupid law in my opinion.

    At the moment I just bet $100 per tip and $50 on your wildcards. Although the total for Golf looks bad, that is due to me missing a $65 winner you posted a few weeks back.

    Do you feel more profit can be derived from letting them run? If not then I’m happy to trade them inplay.


  3. Sean Kelly says:

    hi Steve,

    Well its always a tricky one mate to let them run or not, as Lucas Glover i was a little peeved I didnt let run and traded to early.

    With Rory Sabbatini that weekend was a great trade in my opinion on the final day as the chances were he was going to fall just short. It is really something you have to keep track of in running and look to either green up or get the total stakes back for the weekend.

    Example this weekend being Colsaerts, not sure what price you got on him this weekend…hopefully you took the place bet to make profit on the matchplay event.

    We have both Poulter and Colsaerts facing each other in the semi with Luke Donald and Kaymer looking very strong it might be worth looking at trading for the safe option. Though if Colsaerts goes onto win and he is looking strong all week with some impressive performances its a nice chunk of change and makes up missing him couple weeks back. But with the place bet hopefully covering all your bets this weekend it is the best time to let it run.

    This is why I like the each way betting, especially on the US tour as if one of the big priced picks places and touchwood only 5 players in top 5 we have covered the bets anyhow, and you dont have to trade anybody.

    I believe over the year I will make a decent profit as David Toms I should of put in, so strong on my ratings and theory with form players, and going forward I am sticking with my form player theory and make sure I put them into the mix.

    Such a fine line with golf bets and even the Madeira Open picks I didnt put as advised bets are going strong…sods law not putting them up as advised bets.



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