Introducing (1 week free trial)

The other week I talked about how much it cost to build and run my new product. But I did not say what the product was. Today I’ll introduce you to Dailytrades and give everyone free access for the next week. Feel free to test out the service and see if it will work for you.

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What is Dailytrades?

Dailytrades is a continuation of products I am making that replicate the ways I have made money from betting. The Dailyprofit site has been running for 2 and a half years and takes advantage of bookmaker promos and also has a pure betting service as well.

The Value and Risk-free service helps members build their banks with very small to no risk. As we know, this is a very lucrative endeavour but only lasts a few years before the bookies start bonus banning you.

The Sportpunter service is a pure betting service. It relies on the data modelling skills of Jonno to find value in the betting market. This blog has been all about tracking my performance following tipsters like Jonno.

But there are numerous other ways to make profits from bookies. One of those is arbing/trading. That is what is all about.

How Dailytrades works?

Dailytrades takes the Pinnacle price (and a few other things) and converts it to a 100% market. Giving the closest reflection of the true odds of a match at any given time. It then compares that price to the odds from the Australian bookmakers and alerts you when the Aussie bookies have it wrong. This means you have a value bet on your hands.

The software knows your bank size and risk profile (which you put in) and will tell you exactly how much to bet on each trade. Once you have bet and registered the trade, it records the bet and will automatically settle the bet in your bet history when the match is over. We also give you all the analytics you need to look into your trading.

Please note: Just because we have an edge doesn’t mean this is a money printing machine. An edge means over the very long term, you should get a return, but over a few hundred bets, variance plays a huge part. There is as much risk involved in this as there is in following the Sportpunter models. Over the longterm I know this software will give all members a 3-6% return, but over the course of a few months, many will be well over that return and many well under. It’s only after you have placed at least 1,000 trades will it be close to the expected return.

Also note: Whenever we are taking profits from Aussie books, we know they will eventually shut you down. So if you value your accounts, you should only be trading the big sports.

So if you are still getting bonuses from these books, I would only be trading on the biggest leagues (NBA, EPL, NFL, So on).

You can watch a video walk-through of the platform.


Over the coming weeks, I will go into greater detail on why the Pinnacle closing line is so important and the variance involved with trading. This software can be used in a number of ways and so far we have had over 100 Dailyprofit members testing it out. They have used it in a miriad of ways.

  1. Pure trading: This is what it was designed for
  2. Arbing: The majority of the trades that pop up can be arbed for guranteed profits. Just back at the bookmaker and lay on Betfair (or back the opposite side at Pinnacle).
  3. Bonus bets/Sign up offer turnover: Members can convert bonus bets at 80%+ with ease by setting up their tradefeeds to show them specific bets to place. This saves hours of manual work per week.

I’m sure members will find more unique angles to use with the software over the coming months.

Give it a free test

I’ve opened up the software for anyone to trial for the next week. Just head to the site and click on create account. Once in, there is a help section to get you on your way.

I hope you enjoy this new product. I’ll be updating my own results each month using it on the blog.

Click here to sign up for free now.

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  • Profitcsinalo

    Good idea, Steve. This will work in the longterm for sure. (I’m doing a similar thing, but only for me, not for sale) Is this working with only Asian and BetFair/Matchbook accounts?
    As I see maybe the Pro version is the good one that supports Asians. But it is not clear how this works because the embeded Youtube video is not working, saying the video is private.
    If Daily Trades only works with joke bookmakers (I mean limiting bookies) then this is only good for starters. I’m tired of making new accounts every month for my friends, so I have moved to asian / exchange only solutions.

  • Dailytrades is for Australian books. While still very profitable right now, once we get min bet laws passed in the future, this will hopefully be much more valuable.

    Trademate has an asian version (at a high price). You can see that here

  • Profitcsinalo

    The video on that page is private. Could you make it to public? Thanks.

  • on which page? the trademate one? That isn’t my site, so I can’t do anything about it. It works for me.

  • Profitcsinalo

    The linked Pro version:
    I thought this is the same product you promote. Looks like the owner is the same: Edge Analaytics AS.

  • Yes, Dailytrades is a white label version with Australian books. But I do not have any ownership in Edge Analytics.

  • Profitcsinalo

    Oh, from your previous post I thought your developer made a unique new product. “In total there were over 2,500 hours spent on creating and perfecting the product.”
    So adding the odds from Australian bookies taked so much time and money? As I known there are many odds provider who gives you API (XML feeds or JSON REST services). So it is realtive easy to get the odds and alerts from bookmakers. I’m a programmer and just wondering the 2500 hours. Please, don’t take this as offending.