May 2017 Monthly Review -$18,930.00

I was just getting used to winning again and May was looking good for the first half of the month, before consecutive losing weeks put me into a loss. With just the NRL and AFL being followed, there were only 76 bets over the month and a turnover of just $160,000.00. It did push my total turnover for year 7 over the $2 million mark.

If I remember correctly, my goal for year 7 was to streamline my betting and to follow the historically strong Sportpunter models and aim for $2 million turnover and a 5% ROI ($100,000 profit). It seems I was able to achieve 2 out of 3. My total time spent placing bets went way down this year. At an average of 10/15 minutes per day (60-90 hours per year), that works out to about 2 weeks of full-time work. I also hit the turnover goal of $2 million. But I could not get the trifecta, and currently, sit on a -2.35% ROI.

With just 1 month left in my 7th year of betting, it is looking very likely that I will have back to back losing years (Year 6 was a loss of $39,640.00).

In total, May saw turnover of $159,680.00 for a loss of $18,930.00 at -11.85% ROI.

I placed 76 bets over the month and won 29, lost 45 and 2 were refunded.


The NRL H2H betting resulted in a $3,430.00 loss at -8.4% ROI. But there are no complaints with this model as the season still stands at a $30,440.00 gain at 17.3% ROI. The NRL Totals made a profit of $1,740.00 at 22% ROI, but the season shows a $2,880.00 loss at -12.3%.

Since moving to a player based model a few years ago, the Sportpunter NRL model has been amazing.


The AFL finally had a losing month. It had started the season on absolute fire, but a 20%+ ROI can never be sustained indefinitely. The H2H bets lost $3,970.00 at a -11.8% ROI and the Line bets lost $13,270.00 at a -17.2% ROI. Both H2H and Line bets combined still sit on $66,360.00 profit at 18.34% ROI for this season.

Hopefully, the AFL model makes a quick correction and is back to its winning ways for the second half of the season.

So that ends month 11 of year 7 and unless we can have another crazy month, it looks like Year 7 ends as a losing one.

There is a lot going on in the Australian gambling scene at the moment, and in June I will be writing a few articles about that. So stay tuned.

Total Loss for the month was $18,930.00

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Stats Year 7
Total bet amount: $2,029,032.00
Profit/Loss: -$47,720.00
POT: -2.35%
Bets Placed: 1161
Won: 539
Lost: 608
Half Payout: 1
Refunded: 13
Winning %: 47.0%
Total profit per day: $298,700.00 / 2526 = $118.25
Total Turnover: $30,056,150.00
Total ROI: 0.99%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIMay P/L
NFL Line$290,950.00-$17,540.00-6.0%$0
NFL Totals$281,460.00-$45,050.00-16.0%$0
NBA Totals$203,020.00$22,900.0011.3%$0
NBA H2H$232,190.00-$3,400.00-1.5%$0
AFL H2H$223,550.00-$23,960.00
AFL Line$495,560.00-$11,270.00-2.3%-$13,270.00
NRL H2H$274,760.00$37,840.0013.8%-$3,430.00
NRL Totals$23,470.00-$2,880.00-12.3%$1,740.00
Super Rugby$1,710.00-$1,710.00-100.0%$0

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