Nov 30th – Dec 6th +$6,083.74

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7 Responses

  1. james says:

    Hi Mate,

    Any chance you could exchange blog links?

    Great work



  2. admin says:

    Good luck with the site

  3. James Evans says:

    wow some scary staking there fella but goin great guns – what service is “New Horse” and do you ever have any problems get bets on in general ? keep up the good work.

  4. admin says:

    Hi James, the people that run the horse racing service don’t want me mentioning it because of what happened when I said I had lost a heap with Formbet, and as I want to continue using this service I won’t be revealing it until they allow it.

    No real issues getting bets on as my average betsize is around $500. Getting the best odds is a different matter all together.

  5. James Evans says:

    Is that the same formbet on here ? Seems to have been doing ok ?

  6. James Evans says:

    Dont know if you follow basketball but there is a very good tipster if you are looking to add that as a sport.i have been with Andrei Nitu on betadvisor for best part of 12 months.He is very consistent and profitable and only had a small loss in 1 month.

  7. admin says:

    Yep, same Formbet, I signed up directly at the formbet site as the betadvisor price is ridiculous compared to the formbets price, and the formbet service has a bot to place the bets (and many more systems). I was betting $100 per bet and lost about $20,000 over 8 months.

    I do follow the NBA and NBL models at sportpunter and they usually perform very well, But ill be looking to add in more so will have a look at him, but i really dont like how betadvisor run their site.


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