October 7th – October 13th -$11,015.59

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  • SmartSportsTrader

    Good idea changing from money to unit sizes. I did the same in changing my bets to a percentage of my bank does seem to ease those losing runs.

  • Yeah, so far the disconnect seems to be working, we will see how I feel once I have a disaster week.

  • Christoffer Hansson

    I actually did the same a while back but have changed back to money. The joy to see the profit in cash upweighs the sadness for the losses.

    Btw, Steve. In the forum the last posts doesn’t show down on the page anymore. The posts are just random ones? Way better to see where it’s being posted atm.

  • Interesting, the research shows that a loss is felt 3-5x more than a win and I will have on average 50% losing weeks, so I think I am saving myself some heartache. Will be an interesting experiment.

    Sorry about that, I had to reinstall the forum and it stuffed everything up, I will fix all that in a few weeks.

  • James

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry it’s a bit of track. But if I signed up with all the bookies and got the deposit bonus from all of them and then put the same bet on with each bookie will they call this irregular betting? And cancel my money and account?