Jan 28th – Feb 10th -$13,438.34

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  1. Mariano says:

    I thought GOWI’s blue tips were going to be bets that might not be available to everyone, or very small stakes at high odds that could have some value….but now he’s sending 1.25-1.5u bets (even 1.75u a few days ago) on easy to get prices, big leagues, etc. so most of the times there’s no difference between red and blue…except for the font color.
    I can’t understand what he’s trying to do with them, the only logical explanation I can find is what you said: “double their chances of being able to boast about a profitable week/month”

  2. hackfried says:

    Im glad I stopped with Keiths Bullshit service.

  3. wm00 says:

    Steve, what are the Daily Profit results for Sportpunter service only? Tried to contact you on the Daily Profit web site but there are no contact details or form there.

  4. Galfondini says:

    Mariano, Thats what I took from his mail, as well, when explaining the blue types when the idea started last autumn.

    As you say now it is no discernible difference between the red and blue besides the color coding in the e-mails. I think it is utterly pathetic, he must know any kind of serious follow up on those blue types is a pain in the ass to say the least…

  5. Steve says:

    Hey WM,

    You can download the results here


    Currently the SP service is in profit $2,637.84 after $40,850 worth of advised bets. So a 6.5% ROI. This is over 473 bets.

    This is based of a $4,000 bank and most plays are 1 unit. A 65% bank increase in 7 months. We hope to double banks each year.

  6. G250 says:

    Hey Steve, are you following all Super 15 models or only the H2H? (being the only one with a positive ROI). If not, why? Do you have confidence that they will turn around or do you want to reduce the variance?

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