Apr 24th – Apr 30th +$20,846.51

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2 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Congratulations Mate – nice way to be making a living! Can I just ask, with the Sportspunter models are you always getting the prices quoted? I know you mentioned you had issues with MLB last week. Is it not the case that with the likes of tennis and AFL that with a few people all betting at the same time, if you don’t get on the instant released, you are having to take worse prices?

  2. admin says:

    Hey Brian,
    Thanks. Still not the way I’m making a living, but hopefully one day.

    With regards to Sportpunter prices, with Tennis, if I bet at the time of release then I get better odds (as Jonno only takes pinnacle odds), AFL you have to be there when they come out as prices and lines drop quickly. We are trying a few different things on the forum at the moment to minimise this. With the MLB, it looked like someone was using a bot to place big bets and that has now been fixed by releasing onto the forum first.

    As with any profitable model, the prices will drop and you need to get in quick. I would say Sportpunter’s quoted odds are by far the closest to the real things. I’d also add in TFA quoted odds. Some tipsters quote odds that maybe 1 person can get at a bookie that offers a max bet of $10. But that’s a post for another time.

    Hope this helps.

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