May 1st – May 7th -$29,356.68

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  1. Danny says:

    Enjoyed the article about the racing, it’s the same here in the UK it’s all a closed shop. And not just racing – look at how closely all the big bookmakers are involved with soccer sponsorship. Like racing they are happy to bay big bucks for information to protect their betting advantage.

    However we as punters do have one big advantage in that we don’t have to bet lol. But seriously we can pick our fights and avoid getting sucked into the big betting races/matches the bookies with their marketing machines try to entice us into. As you have largely shown, by not having opinions and managing betting sizes ruthlessly it is still possible to prosper.

    Yes it had been a horrible week but your POT of 2.27% still looks fantastic. If you can keep it around the 2% mark and manage betting amounts well then you will have huge capital growth.

    If it was me I would pare back soccer a lot for next season and bet on golf, more tennis and snooker as I think the margins could be a lot better.

    You are still doing so well and that is the main thing, it’s been a great run and the reverse would be pretty normal with the $10k single loss stripped out. And maybe it wasn’t so bad you lost, had you won you might have bet $20K and ended up on a sick run. Maybe it was needed, weird though that sounds.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Danny, It’s funny to see the excuses they come up with to accept these sponsors. The one I hear a lot is that it helps the integrity of the sport by allowing the bookmakers to work with the governing bodies to find fixed games and all that rubbish. Why can’t they just admit it is because they are willing to pay the most to become sponsors. The more they blur the lines between the teams and the bookmakers, the worse it is going to get.

    I think your right when you say we should be betting the smaller markets and the ones the bookies don’t really want us to bet into, the issue then becomes closed and limited accounts.

    2% is at the lower end of what I hopped for, I was thinking 2-5% was what I should expect, so it is within my expectations, but just barely. But that does include lots of errors that I have slowly gotten rid of, the portfolio still isn’t perfect yet and I will be making changes to the soccer section as you suggested.

    I’m very interested in adding golf, but have tried it before without success. Can you recommend any good tipsters?

    I know what you mean when you say “it was needed”. Still wish it never happened. haha.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  3. Pawn says:

    Hi there,

    Loosing such amount in one single week would lead me to think that you have been betting too much for your total bank. How can you lose 15% of your total profit in one single week ? And the one match with a 10.000 bet corresponds to about 5% of the total profit. Too much, imho…

    Better luck next week!

  4. admin says:

    Hi, That was by far an outlier bet, The average bet size is $640. AFL bets are higher as I have more confidence in them and am using a moving bank. 5% of my bank is still within what most professionals say is the most to have on any one bet. But yes, it was a very large bet.

    It was just one of those weeks where every model performed very badly, these weeks happen. I’m not expecting it to happen this badly any time soon again, but it could happen again this week.

    Just need to look long term and understand it was a bump in the road.

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