May 8th – May 14th -$10,405.35

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  1. Danny says:

    To answer your comment from last week, I do not know any golf services personally. I’m srue it would pay to find one though certain courses favour certain players due to hole positioning and which way they hit the ball right to left, high or low etc. Also the betting seems more influenced by recent results than it ought to be, plus so much can revolve around Tiger. Player match up bets are interesting too. Maybe you’d need to stick to the big tournaments more re limits but there are quite a few biggies.

    I’m sure if you google you can find some services, good research can pay off in golf.

  2. admin says:

    Cheers Danny, I have already started looking around.

  3. Carl Aiau says:

    I’m interested in this also,

    the turnover must be incredible with h2hs

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