May 15th – May 21st +$11,610.35

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  1. Carl Aiau says:

    Just about to start a fund like you have, but probably betting solely Sportpunter models.

    I remember you saying a while back that your performance would have been better if you stuck to SP models, is this still the case?

    Also, what do you use to keep record of all your betting, as it is quite substantial. I could imagine this completely buzzing out an excel sheet/s

    Thanks in advance,

  2. admin says:

    Hey Carl,
    I’ll look into just sportpunter models a little later.
    Since July 1st 2012 following Tennis, MLB, NBA, NBL, AFL I am $62,457 in profit with $1.65mil bet. A 3.7% ROI. So it is doing better then everything else.

    I use the spreadsheet found here. It’s awesome

  3. admin says:

    Ok, looked at the numbers for SP models only. I’ve stopped following a number of them as there were a few that were a disaster.

    Total Bet: $6,368,325
    Profit: $187,875
    ROI: 2.9%

    So a 1% better ROI then the rest combined. By just concentrating on the big models, I feel you could hit 5%.

    I will continue with other models as some have merit and should add some nice profit, it’s just an issue of finding the right ones.

    Hope this info helped.

  4. Carl Aiau says:

    Thanks heaps mate.

    I am looking at probably sticking to SP models. Although XX draws look good too. Only betting on bookies that I won’t get limited at, makes it easier in the long run and also makes it quicker to place bets. Will look at betting at marathon and some of the euro books once my bet size is big enough to give the most benefit of getting a few bets through the books before being limited. Marathon looks exceptionally tasty.

    I remember you saying that you stopped betting football due to the time constraint, I made a spreadsheet that applies the varying levels of overlays for the soccer model based on Jon’s analysis a while back. Give me an email if you’re interested and I’ll send it through. Greatly reduces the time of placing the soccer bets.


  5. Carl Aiau says:

    How many Bets is all those SP bets over?
    Just so I can work out average betsize and potential roll based on conservative kelly.


  6. admin says:

    I will not be following XX Draws next season. I will be posting about each soccer model in the coming weeks and why I will or will not be continuing to follow each model.

    If you are after a soccer model, I highly recommend TFA. Tell him Steve sent you 🙂

    Your right about betting only at bookies you wont get limited at, that’s what I do now. If you haven’t signed up to Pinnacle yet, then do that now. There’s a link to your left. I would say 80% of my bets are placed there, followed by Betfair, Sbobet and then the Aussie books just for AFL and NRL.

    Marathon will limit you within a week. But join all the bookies you can to get started and take advantage of their freebets, by just joining them all and getting the signup bonuses, you should be able to make a few grand fairly easily.

    Thanks for the offer, but I have more then enough Soccer models I am following and am putting most of my faith in TFA next season. I had a very decent season with him, and his past results and the way he runs the service are very much like Sportpunter.

    But I wouldn’t mind chatting to you, so email me at admin at this domain and if I can help in anyway just let me know.

    Sadly my data isn’t that deep. But if you go to the Sportpunter website and look at the history then you can see the number of bets.

    Hope this helped.

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