Jan 21st – Jan 27th -$48.83

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7 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Are you not following Sport Punter tennis this year Steve? Enjoy the trip!

  2. Steve says:

    No, I stopped midway through last year. The totals still seem fine but very hard to match the odds and the H2H bets have not performed. I will give it some time before jumping back in.

  3. Andrew says:

    Enjoy the US, mate. I hope this is the kind of thing I’ll be able to afford in the next year or two!

  4. Profitcsinalo says:

    What is the typical dropp in odds for the SP tennis model?

  5. Steve says:

    No idea anymore. I could always get or better the H2H, I never bet the totals

  6. Brett says:

    “One of those topics is asking what to do when multiple tipsters pick against each other”

    I’ve noticed you’ve also had this problem for many years. Use Bayes’ Theorem with the naive assumption that the tipsters are uncorrelated:


    That’s a good start, though there are better ways than this.

  7. Mord says:

    Hi guys, I saw long discussions about ClubGowi service, so I will try to add my few cents here, I´m following Gowi for some time and I’ve got 4,77% profit on him last year on 1156 bets. But for sure his numbers on the website are far from true, I always take at least his suggested odds, but mainly higher prices or better spreads (mainly live), If I don´t catch his odds I skip the bet, I skipped whole MLS, Brazil and mainly Golf, skip this sport, I didn´t see any profit there for a long time, now I have tables for every sport and league he is following, to see if there are some really bad ones, like IMO France 2, where he can´t be profitable, but still more than 4% on a big roll made a solid profit for me last year, but it is necessary to not bet everything and be very careful with the odds, IMO many people just blindly bet the games with lower odds right after the newsletter arrive, I usualy skip the newsletter and check some time later how the odds moved.

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