$100,000 profit reached.

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  1. JLo says:

    well done again buddy. So one question, just how much of the $100k profit was from sportpunter? 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Sportpunter profit was $112,281.
    So it would have been smart just to bet your models. But I feel I have now found a few that will add profit over the coming years and it only cost me $12,000.

  3. Dave McAuley says:

    Congratulations on reaching your 100k target Steve… shame you didn’t stick to the staking plan when with FormBet or stick with the service – we now have a fully automated, standalone bot, reliable systems and the profits have been excellent across all systems, partly due to improved automation and for getting rid of the rogue elements and closing up shop to the main service…in the end it’s all about viewing the long term and staking sensibly within the confines of the bankroll especially when following a value-based strategy but I think you’ve probably learned that lesson now. Good luck with your next 100k 🙂

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for the comments.
    It sounds like your service is going well, and with some great results now, congrats.

    Your right though, I was over staking and that was a lesson I had to learn.

    I think I will have to look into bots and automation to help bring that next $100k sooner. I have a number of ideas I am testing that a bot could easily do for me.

    Thanks again

  5. Dave McAuley says:

    Well I’m just glad to see you are doing well, the flat really is where I tend to specialise and where the FormBet ratings and systems work out best. It has been a learning curve for me as well over the last year and finally with improved automation, no more missed bets and a trimming down to the very best of the systems things are going great guns.

    Get in touch via the site or email if you want some advice on automation as I can probably work out a deal with the guys I use and they can pretty much automate anything if you have the idea whether it is with Betfair or Betdaq.

    Cheers, Dave

  6. plsmove says:

    Hi mate, congratulaltions on reaching this sexy milestone (and yes, graphs lines definately can be sexy!).

    Would you like to share what Kelly Percentage you were using? I know it varied throughout model and in time, but I am interested to know what perecntage range of total bank yuo are comfortable betting?

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Dave, ill be taking you up on that offer.

    plsmove, glad to know i’m not the only one who loves graphs. These kellys have not moved much throughout the two years, AFL lines were increased at one stage, and as of 1 july I will be increasing my bank. But the kellys are below.

    ATP & WTA: 50k bank 1/25 kelly
    AFL H2H: 50k bank 1/20 kelly
    AFL Line: 50k bank 1/6 Kelly

  8. Ned_3 says:

    Congrats Steve on reaching a commendable milestone. Best wishes for the next target of $250K

  9. admin says:

    Cheers Ned

  10. Jason says:

    Great stuff Steve, well done.

    I love graphs myself too especially the ones that show an upward trend over the long term so keep them coming 🙂

  11. admin says:

    Thanks mate, I hope the new soccer season can add another dimension to the portfolio

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